About this mod

Race Menu Addon for high quality Player Characters creation. Much more poligonal head models for males and females, tons of new RM sliders. Support all humanoid races except Khajiits and Argonians. (Old mod name - Charmers of the Reach)

Permissions and credits
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  • Russian
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  • Mandarin

We are happy to present you the result of the work of a team of the modders
khisartin (aka Letho0036 on Nexus) our texture artist Khisartin's Blog
Trixter (aka m4mk203 here on Nexus)
ljty76810a (presets and NPC creation)
LedyKora  (presets and NPC creation)

Releasing this mod on Nexus its our "thanks" to all Nexus modmakers and users
Thank you for your work and support

We also express our gratitude for the help and support of the administration of the Nexusmods and DAZ sites.

We express our deep gratitude to everyone who helped us on our Patreon page.

We create things from the point of view of our understanding of beauty. 
We do not compete with anyone and do not pretend to be better or more exclusive than others.
If you do not like our mod - this is your right. We respect that.

 The mod is provided to users exclusively free of charge and cannot be sold for money under any circumstances.

Skyrim LE version can be found here


 Its not a new race in sense of game lore. It is a tool. This is not a gallery of finished paintings but a set of new brushes and a canvas for the artist. It is best to take this mod as addon for the Race Menu which adds a lot of new sliders, new improved head model and more other features in future releases.

What this mod gives to you

1. New head model more detailed, smooth and poligonal then vanilla head model for males and females.
2. A lot of new sliders for head and face ajustments
3. Female character resources are completely separated from the game. Thus, your character's appearance will be completely unique in Skyrim. Body, head, skin ... Male character will use your in game body. Recomended textures for males Vitruvia
4. Our head model fully compatible with UUNP and CBBE bodies and vanilla male bodies.
5. Race Compability supported.
6. Vampirism supported (Vanilla)
7. Lycanthropy supported (Vanilla)
8. Our races are completely identical to their respective game races according to their characteristics.
9. For now our mod supports Breton, Nord, Imperial, Redguard, Altmer, Dunmer, Bosmer, Orcs. We have some ideas about Orcs (special racial morphs) and Khajiits but its will be later
10. For now mod support Fair skin, Mature and Vitruvia body textures but soon will be more :) 
Special mod features

1. Check "Face part" slider in "Head" section of Race Menu :)
2. "EXTRA" tab in Race Menu. Here you can find our prebuilded face presets for males and females. Just move any slider to pisition 1.
3. Optional normalmaps for females as "Face complexion" slider in RM.
4. COR full body texture pack.

Video review of the mod (about 2h long)
Many thanks to MisterB1969 from COR Team.

Why custom races?

Many reasons...
1. To make Character resources completely separated from the game 
2. Because we decided to leave vanilla races as is for the additional option for creators :)

Future plans

- Compability with other race mods
- Compability with other texture packs: SG, Mature, Pride of valhalla ...
- Compability with SAM male body
- Makeups


1. Install mod as usual, best with a mod manager. 
2. If you will play with female character then build in BS your female body with "Build morphs" option and copy your body nif and texture files to COR folders.

Possible conflicts

You may have conflicts with other custom races (need to check)

Credits and thanks

Bethesda for a great game
Race Menu by Expired
Body slide and outfit studio by Ousnius and Caliente
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy 
Morphs Tools by apenov
Laxire for support and inspiration in creation of this mod
- Thanks from Trixter to the Discord channel
"Мастерская модов" and its owner НиЧЁтак@Я for help, support and connection with many talented people.
Raven Reginleif for eyes textures
LogRaam  permission for  The Eyes Of Beauty compability patch.
- Many thanks to MisterB1969 from COR Team  for the video review of the mod
Xenius for warpaints assets
Northborn scars by Northborn
Brows by Hvergelmer

My personal thanks to LadyWasabi for her great male and famale screenshots!

For asset we used for mod creation:

Victoria 7   (Interactive license)
Genesis 3 Female Head Morphs  (Interactive license )
Genesis 3 Female Head Morph Resource Kit  (Interactive license)
Vladimir 8 (Interactive license)
Genesis 8 Male Head Morphs  (Interactive license)

Big thanks to the beta testers team:


Mods used on the screenshots

Tundra ENB by wiplashwang
- KS Hairdos by Kalilies
Northborn scars by Northborn
Brows by Hvergelmer
1. You not allowed to reupload this mod anywere without our direct permission
2. Assets. You can do anythyng you need with our assets BUT if this not violate DAZ EULA.
3. Presets, translations, compability patches - you have our permission.

F.A.Q. Base

1. Will this race be compatible with other custom races?
   Only as far as Race Compatibility can provide. Conflicts are possible with anymodifications to the vanilla Bretons.

2. Which body types can I use for this race?
   CBBE or UNP types. Just overwrite this mod's body mesh files with your desired type.

3. Which body type the race uses by default?
   UUNP Special - UNP / CBBE

4. Which body textures does this mod utilize?
   Fair Skin Complexion pack with exclusive face textures created specifically to match Fair Skin Complexion.

5. Do you plan to make compability patches for other texture packs?
   If our work is popular enough, yes.

6. Can I use my preferred body textures with this mod?
   Technically yes, but this will most likely result in the neck seam, so you'll have to adapt the body textures yourself. If you don't 
know how to do this, we suggest you refrain from replacing the textures of this mod.

7. Which skeletons is your mod compatible with? 

8. Is this mod compatible with OSex and other mods of a similar kind ?
   Yes, and with custom animations from these mods as well. 

9. Is this mod compatible with facial and body animation packs?

10. Is this mod compatible with Better Vampires? 

11. Does vampirism / lycanthropy work properly with this mod?
    Yes, but we highly recommend to use the latest version of Race Compatibility with Dawnguard support to make it work.

12. Is this mod compatible with Alternative Start? 

13. What about the male characters? 
    Not yet, for now female characters only.

14. But is male character support in plans at least?
    It's possible, but the scope of work is immense. The possibility of this happening depends on the popularity of the mod.

15. Is ECE compatibility planned?
    We plan to attempt this, but we are not certain about how it will turn out.
    ЕСЕ is a very specific mod, and works very differently from RaceMenu.   

16. Do you plan any NPC packs based on your race akin to  Bijin?
    It's possible but will require a lot of work. The possibility of this happening will depend on how popular this mod is with the users.

17. Can I base my NPC appearance packs on this mod?
    Yes, but don't forget to credit us.

F.A.Q. Technical


0. How to install the skeleton?
  Usual ХР32 installation process.

1. Where do I put body meshes if I wish to replace them?
  - Open the folder where this mod's body meshes are stored. 
   - Hands - Data\Meshes\!COR\Hands
   - Feet - Data\Meshes\!COR\Feet
   - Body - Data\Meshes\!COR\Body

Copy these files from Data\Meshes\actors\character\character assets into the mod's folders with replacement:
-Body  Into Data\Meshes\!COR\Body you should put femalebody_0.nif, femalebody_1.nif, 1stpersonfemalebody_0.nif, 1stpersonfemalebody_1.nif
-Hands  Into Data\Meshes\!COR\Hands you should put femalehands_0.nif, femalehands_1.nif, 1stpersonfemalehands_0.nif, 1stpersonfemalehands_1.nif    
-Legs  Into Data\Meshes\!COR\Feet you should put femalefeet_0.nif, femalefeet_1.nif, femalefeet.tri          
 Files with the prefix 1stperson are used for first person view by the game.  

2. Where do I put my own body textures if I wish to replace them?

   Replace the following files:  
 - Body (textures of the legs are included in the body texture)  -Textures\!COR\Body - femalebody_1.dds, femalebody_1_msn.dds, femalebody_1_s.dds, femalebody_1_sk.dds, 
 - Hands - Textures\!COR\Hands  - femalehands_1.dds, femalehands_1_msn.dds, femalehands_1_s.dds femalehands_1_sk.dds

3. Warpaints and makeup look bad. What do I do?
   1. Check if in the directory Data\skse\ you hsve the file skse.ini
   2. If you don't have it, create it, e. g. with Notepad.
   3. Open skse.ini. Find the section [Display]. If you don't have it, add it.
   4. The next line should be        iTintTextureResolution=2048
   5. Save.
This will force the game to use 2K resolution for warpaints. If your performance suffers too much from this, try changing the aforementioned line to 

4. How do I change eyelashes?
   In the Hair -> Beard slider. This is the solution we use because the game only has so many sliders.

5. How do I put freckles on my character?
    In the Dirt section..

6. I don't need some of the RaceMenu sliders. How do I remove them?
    If you are certain you don't need some of the sliders added by this race, you can remove them from RaceMenu using the following steps:
 1. Close the game.
 2. Navigate to Data\Meshes\actors\character\facegenmorphs\racemenu.esp\sliders
 3. open the file Trixter.ini with Notepad and remove the sliders you don't need. 
 4. Save.
  Tip: You can search sliders in RaceMenu's upper right corner.

7. How to rename / translate RaceMenu sliders?
    You can do it the following way:
 1. Close the game.
 2. Navigate to interface\translations
 3. Open racemenu_english.txt, make your changes
 4. Save.

8. How to make vampirism work correctly?
   You need Race Compatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard. You shouldn't need a console command if you use it.

9. How to install this with Better Vampires?
   The optimal order to install this race with Better Vampires would be the following:
   1. Better Vampires
   2. Our race
   3. Race Compatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard (including  Dawnguard and BV)

10. How to preserve my character's appearance after turning into a vampire?
    1) Create a RaceMenu preset before turning into a vampire. 
    2) Navigate to sculpting section in RaceMenu.
    3) Export the head.
    4) Become a vampire.
    5) Enter the character creation menu. 
    6) Enter the sculpt menu
    7) Import the head from the preset.

Happy gaming!