Skyrim Special Edition
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Replaces main menu background and menu audio

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A friend of mine who Ports for Xbox (GiminiKing - KingPorts) requested to use one of my screenshots recently to make a main menu replacer for Xbox (of which i gave him FULL PERMISSION to use, and any of my screenshots NOT currently included in any of my mods on Nexus) and it inspired me to make one of my own for Nexus and add a custom audio track based on Malukah's Dragonborn Comes track. 

Mod replaces the startmenu.swf file and in the process removes the Creation Club option. Disable the mod in your manager or delete the files manually to bring the CC menu back. 

Now available on for XB1 Users in a slightly edited format, Bnet version does NOT remove creation club option: 

My Graphics Mods (Some but not all can be seen in my screenshot that I used for the menu replacer):

- Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants
- A Fantasy Forest Overhaul for 3D Trees and Plants 
- Paradise City for Vanilla Skyrim: Great Trees for Cities SE.
- Whiterun Forest Borealis 
- Noble Skyrim 2K
- Authentic Mountains and Rocks
- T4 Snow Redone
- Veydosebrum
- Flower Fields SE
- Realistic Water Two
- Mythical Ages Weather and Lighting Overhaul
- Mythical ENB.

Malukah and her amazing Dragonborn Comes Cover (Permission granted.) for their Royalty Free ambience sound files