Skyrim Special Edition

Mod articles

  • Dungeon Compatibility With Live Another Life

    Enabling Your Dungeon as a Bandit or Vampire Start

    Beginning with LAL 3.0.5, the bandit and vampire start options can now choose any
    qualifying dungeon in the game that is part of either Tamriel (the main
    Skyrim landmass) or Solstheim. This greatly expands the options from a
    limited set (3 bandit, 1 vampire) to an effectively unlimited number
    depending on the number of mods in the game.

    This was restricted to Tamriel and Solstheim due to the fact that, so far, all known large
    landmass mods have some kind of plot based restrictions on when you can
    access them which makes them unsuitable to pick randomly at the
    beginning of the game.

    In order to allow a dungeon to be used by the selection system, some keywor...

  • Creating an Addon for Live Another Life

    By semi-popular demand, a framework for adding on new start options for Live Another Life has been created. This should allow for much more
    seamless introduction of extended start options for the player without
    the obvious problems of conflicts introduced by multiple extensions
    being written. Not to mention it will no longer lock modders and/or
    players into needing a certain version of Live Another Life for their
    favorite extender to continue to work - beyond needing 2.5.0 or greater
    of course.

    In order to create an extension, the following process is needed:

    ESMify the Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp file. You will not be able
    to do the remainder of this process otherwise. You can use either
    TES5Edit o...