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Stop Illusion spells from throwing things everywhere!

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This is a conversion for SSE from LE, I did not make this mod I simply converted it in the CK64 and added the values for the Dragonborn Illusion spells for completeness.

This mod eliminates the force and explosion values from Illusion magic spells so they don't throw loose items everywhere. Pretty simple really.

Original Author: TheRegisteredOne
Original mod here:

I got annoyed one day after losing several parts of a multi-part journal in a dungeon after using Harmony. With Skyrim's jittery physics, they just flew through the walls. So I went and removed force from the red and green illusion explosions and impact force from red and green illusion projectiles. Now you will no longer throw gems and ingredients around or make a mess in town by using area of effect illusion spells. Illusion spells will now only affect npc's AI instead of also having a physical effect on the environment.

Should be compatible with spell mods. This mod doesn't alter any spells or magical effects; it only changes the vanilla projectiles and explosions. Any new spells that uses these existing fx will be changed by this mod.

Install with Nexus Mod Manager, or extract the archive into your skyrim folder then select the plugin in your launcher.

Uninstall with Nexus Mod Manager, or delete "/data/IllusionNoPush.esp" from your Skyrim folder.