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An SSE port of KTACreations ("theycallmecheese") original Skyrim Blade of Woe replacer - ported & uploaded with permission.

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer: I am not a modder or experienced in making textures etc - this is just a port of the original mod with tweaks as described by katcher12 on the original page's posts section.

I just noticed that people didn't really want to have to do it themselves so I reached out to the original uploader and asked for permission - the response was "i'm out of the skyrim modding game but everyone is free to use my mods however they want, just give credit and a link to the original in your mod description" - so, if you wanted to have this retexture in SSE but didn't want to have to tweak it yourself, I have done it for you and now it should be a simple case of just downloading and installing with your favourite mod manager.

I have taken new screenshots showing the weapon in Skyrim Special Edition, please enjoy!

  • I have tested this with Mod Organiser and it seems to work fine, I don't know about other managers or manual install - as stated I am not really a modder so if you have any trouble I will probably not be able to help you, sorry
  • Does now also include the "remodel & retexture only" version, without the altered enchantment (no .esp!)
  • I do not claim any monopoly on porting this to SE, if you think you can do it better please do, I will not be mad and tbh if you do manage to do it I will probably take this down and use your mod instead - just please remember to be mindful of the original modder's request for credit when porting to SE
  • If you have any bugs or requests for changes to this mod you will have to figure out how to do it yourself or commission someone else to do it - I didn't make this and am not going to start messing with the model or texture myself. Unless something is confirmed as game-breaking by multiple people this mod will be left up and is offered as-is.

Original description:

"An alternative to the vanilla blade of woe. New original model and texture set + more useful enchantment.

--Alternate Blade of Woe--

This replaces the Blade of Woe, a unique dagger awarded to the player by the Dark Brotherhood. I thought the original looked too Orcish and did not live up to its namesake. Further, its life-drain enchantment was hardly useful to an assassin. This mod includes an original model and texture set and a new, more assassin-friendly enchantment. The enchantment is a combination of modest armor-ignoring base damage and extra damaging critical hits. Nothing overpowered, but certainly better than it was."