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Replacer meshes and textures for IRON THINGS: iron sword, greatsword, dagger, battleaxe, bow, and shield. Stand-alone is also available for download. Made in 2016 by ClipsyMoon, now on SE for all to enjoy ;)

Permissions and credits
This is a SE port of: IRON THINGS
- using SSE Nif Optimizer
- everything is ported from the LE page, which was last updated on: September 27, 2016
- AVITUS stand-alone variants are now ported.
- I decided to keep files either in a full pack, or individual for specific selection

Showcase video by Hodegar, thank you!

- Using Mod Organizer (or any other mod managers, I assume)
- download and install file, and ya done!
- Manually...? I'm not sure how it works for SE but good luck and god speed

- replaces only IRON sword, greatsword, dagger, battleaxe, bow, and shield (unless you got the stand-alone)
- load it last to have it overwrite other weapon assets, and everything should show up (unless, you got the stand-alone)

Details (copied from LE page):
new meshes and textures for iron things
Iron Batlle Axe-completed
Iron Bow-completed
Iron Great Sword-completed
Iron Dagger-completed
Iron Sword-completed
Iron Shield-completed 
textures are 2K..
...there are two versions replacer and AVITUS standalone version with power of Daedric things for stronger players...

Kudos to ClipsyMoon for these amazing textures and meshes. I didn't want to see this mod left behind on LE and fall into disuse - so here it is, ported for the SE crew to enjoy.

and a big thank you to Alunder for fixing the collision on the bow mesh!
and also to VikingrUlfr for helping me port over the AVITUS stand-alone! Cheers!