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Adds two unique dragons to the game- Charizard and Mega Charizard!

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I have not been able to update this mod in a long time, however feel free to update or use the files in any way, no need to ask permission :)

This mod adds two unique Charizard dragons to the game :) 

This is a simple retexture and does not replace any of the vanilla dragons. Charizard is unique and should randomly spawn.

  • Charizard will only spawn outside of Whiterun by Honningbrew Meadery. It's level will scale to your characters, and it should respawn from time to time.
  • Mega Charizard will only spawn in the Labyrinthian. It's level will scale to your character's, and it should respawn from time to time.
  • Both dragons have been added to Level Lists, and should randomly spawn like any other dragon (please let me know if this works!!)

This is my first Skyrim mod so please report any bugs you find or improvements that could be made!

Also feel free to request more Dragon Pokemon retextures :)))