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just a mod for those people who don't want spent time on these things...

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hi there this my first face preset so if  have any problem with it tell to fix it in feature. 
i will add more presets in feature

1:Leyenda Skin 4.0 UNP 2K                       
2:Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer    
3:Enhanced Character Edit SE                   
4:FNIS Behavior SE                                     
5:Improved Eyes Skyrim SSE                     
6:KS Hairdos SSE                                        


 armor mod is TMB Vanilla Armors And Clothes SSE by Robton
This part is for the people who don't know how to install manually presets...
so here we go

1:first you should have skse Compatible to your game version
2: exract zip file and copy .jslot in "Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SKSE\Plugins\chargen\presets"
3: go to skse folder located in data folder copy all .dll  and .exe files and  paste where the game lancher is.
4: lunch game with "skse64_loader"
5: by using console command go to character editor then in preset tab load it.
6:                                                                                                   HAVE FUN

                                                                                     Troubleshooting / FAQ:

Q: In RaceMenu, her face looks wrinkly/old. 
A: for this first, select Nord / Female / Vanilla-preset no1. Then load the preset and if still face is old go to head tab and set complexions to minimum level.

Q: the preset folder in directory you given doesn't existed.
A: it's simple create it manually

                                                                          * any thing else just let'me konw : ) *