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A horse named 'Frost' really ought to be white! So, I made him white! Shadowmere is also now unique. Both are now on this page for ease of access.

Permissions and credits

Frost is described as a stallion in his pedigree, so I've given him the corect anatomy for a proper stallion. He also has his own unique white texture and saddle, making him more fitting to his name. I've also altered his pedigree papers to reflect that he is now 'silvery white'. He also has a slight iridescent blueish sheen to his coat.

Also in this mod, I've made all player horses essential, so no more worries about them dying!

This stallion mesh and texture are also resources and as such, can be used freely. All I ask is a little credit. :)

Optional File:
I've added a mesh and texture of a lighter, Arabian stallion type for Frost. Simply install over the original and allow overwrite.


Does exactly as it says on the tin. Shadowmere has his own mesh, so I made him his own texture to make him unique, and unlike any of the natural horses. I removed the fur to give him a sleeker look, and he's now darker black with some red.

Both mare and stallion version available. In Oblivion, this horse was described as 'she', but in Skyrim, 'he'. Therefore, I've provided both genders for personal preference.

Shadowmere is now also available as a nightmare with proper animated flames!

This is a whole new rework of the nightmare, now with animated flames attached to feet, eyes, neck and bottom! This required me to rework the textures as the painted-on flames were no longer needed. There is no longer an esp supplied, as this too is no longer needed. It's simply a mesh and texture replacer.

Now included is a new saddle texture by BingoMorris, who kindly allowed me to include it in this update.

Big thanks also to mitchalek, author of Convenient Horses, who arranged to get the models reworked, and thanks to the person who did the work.

This is a fully playable mod and also a modders' resource. Use these textures freely.

Big thanks to Eldroth and Julien for help with the stallion mesh.
Thanks to Rebel O'conner for the asymmetrical UV mapping.
Thanks also to MidnightVoyager for her help with the asymmetrical Shadowmere mesh.

20 Aug 2019: Updated the textures on both nightmare Shadowmeres.

27 Dec 2019: Updated the black/red Shadowmere to the asymmetrical version, made new textures, tweaked colour.

6 Feb 2020: Added optional asymmetrical light dapple grey texture and mesh for Frost. Texture will also work with Arabian horse mesh.

***Please do not upload this file anywhere else.***