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After breaking a lock-pick, the new lock-pick is placed at the same angle where the last one broke.

Permissions and credits
Author's note: this is an update to OnlyIWeDo's Remember Lockpick Angle with support for newer Skyrim SE versions. That file's permissions read, "Anyone is free to redistribute this mod and/or host it on other sites." If the original author would like to assume control of the latest version, they should message me, and I will take this mod down.
Source code available on my Github.

The Problem

When you break a lock-pick in vanilla, the new lock-pick will be placed at the default angle which
can make finding your last attempt pretty difficult, especially on
higher difficulty locks and if you don't use a better interface texture
to help gauge the angle.

The Solution

Now when you break a pick, the new one will be placed at the same angle as
the last one when it broke. This removes the tedium of finding the
position of the last attempt.


MO2/Nexus/Vortex: Install like any other mod
Manual: Pop it into your Skyrim SE Data folder


Compatible with everything.


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