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Stops the inventory menu automatically showing after unlocking a container (for use with Loot Menu), also stops doors opening when picked.

Permissions and credits
Author's note: this is an update to lStewieAl's No Lockpick Activate (SKSE) with support for newer Skyrim SE versions. That file's permissions allow users to reupload, modify, and convert it without permission so long as the mod is not opted in for donation points, and credit is given. If the original author would like to assume control of the latest version, they should message me, and I will take this mod down.
Source code available on my Github.

Simple plugin to stop objects being activated when unlocked.
VR Version available here.

Address Library for SKSE Plugins

The same plugin works on both SE (1.5) and AE (1.6) versions!

Use mod manager or manually unpack the archive into /Data directory.

Use mod manager or delete /Data/SKSE/Plugins/No Lockpick Activate.dll

Additional credits:
SKSE team for SKSE
lStewieAl for original plugin
Renngar for helping