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Mine faster and mine more (without bugs)!

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This mod does work on saves, but not in the cells that were already loaded. After 30/31 in-game days, those cells should re-spawn and work with the script.

UPDATE v2.0:
You now need to download an additional file for Stalhrim to work properly. It is an .esp that needs to remain active in the load order. (Explanation below)

In vanilla Skyrim, Stalhrim is mined at a slower rate than other ores. In other words, while you can deplete an iron, ebony, silver, etc. vein in 9 swings of a pickaxe, you will swing 18 times at a Stalhrim "vein." The player still receives 3 ores from all resource deposits. 

I am offering two different options for Stalhrim currently. One maintains the halved speed, like vanilla.
For example:
6:3 = 3 ores in 6 swings, and 3 Stalhrim in 12 swings
9:9 = 9 ores in 9 swings, and 9 Stalhrim in 18 swings
The second option will simply make Stalhrim mine at the same speed as the other ores in your game.

What is it (and why)?
This mod speeds up the mining process and gives you more ore (depending on what version you choose). In addition to that, it uses the patch from USSEP that allows you to mine ore that has respawned (other mods don't incorporate this, so you just get faster mining but the respawns are broken).

In vanilla Skyrim, the mining rates are 3 ore to 9 swings (3:9). The faster version makes it 3:3, 6:6, 9:9 or 27:27 depending on the version you choose. Perhaps you want more ore for fewer swings, if so choose the 6 ore to 3 swings (6:3) or 9:3 version. 

Is this mod an original idea? Hell no...but it is the only one that I know of that speeds up mining and is also compatible with USSEP. The only other mod that does this is Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade, but it has a lot more stuff in it. Perhaps some people just want faster mining speed.

A quick note... If you want a different mining rate, but you don't see it available, ask me and I will make another version.

This mod should work fine with any mod that doesn't change mineorescript.pex. If you find any incompatibilities or problems, please let me know in the discussion page.

- Incompatible with Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade, though there are options to change mining speed and number of ore in it. If you are using that mod, don't use this one.

None, though it uses the patch from USSEP, so I would recommend downloading that. Please do go and endorse and use USSEP.

1) Download one script file and one Stalhrim file. You now need to download 2 files.
Note: You can download the optional versions of the main files (e.g. FMPSE_9-3 and Stalhrim_1xSpeed) instead of both main files. However, you must have one script and one Stalhrim file installed for the mod to work properly.
2) Make sure to activate the mod, it just has to come after USLEEP (or USKP) in the load order.

1) Deselect and remove the mod from your load order. Although the mod uses a script, it is an override of the vanilla script so you shouldn't run into problems removing it.

You may not use the contents of this mod for any purpose other than personal use. No persons are permitted to upload this mod to any site without permission from the mod creator. You are prohibited from using this mod in a mod pack without written permission.

Feel free to endorse this mod or make videos, but please give credit to me for my work. 

The Unofficial Patch Team

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