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if you are a fan of unp skin and naturally detailed female high res finger, face and body textures this may be the ultimate mod for you!
cute hands and fingers with customized unp body skin textures, a detailed face skin and a coloured nails texture pack (no esp!) included!

Permissions and credits
please do not upload this or any other of my file packages on any other site!
please respect my wishes! thank you!
if you find any of my nexusmods mod file packages on any other site it is
definitely an unauthorized copy from and uploaded without my permission!
if you think about to disrespect my wishes or to download my mods from a 3rd party site please watch this first:

a collection of manually customized textures
to provide naturally appearing female hands and nails for (all) female NPC and as an individual option for popular custom ningheim race, fine tuned for sse unp high poly hand meshes

your character, npc and follower will appear cuter applying this unp compatible package to unp if you prefer natural skin appearance !
it is not tested with and designed for other body types. these packs are optimized for my presets. all my preset images are taken with these skin packs!

if you already know or like my racemenu presets (coco, maryl, katarina, reja, Icy Lady...)i warmly recommend to use the unp cute fingers skin if you don't do already! all my preset related images are taken with this body/face/fingers skin mod.

unp skinny meshes/skin is used, fully compatible with most other moderate unp meshes. 

if you like bbp options use the meshes of unp female body renewal mod and overwrite the meshes of my mod.

if you are unsure about this skin mod have a look at my user images ! many thanks to blackmaid and queenieangel for their beautiful images in my le mod!

in my opinion reasonable appearing fingers and hands have same priority than other body parts or face. many images here on nexus gave me the impression that some research on increasing the quality and natural appearance of these bodyparts could be an enrichment for skyrim characters and npc. much better 1stperson view quality!  
if you like this mod i would be happy if you could leave a feedback and an endorsement.
thank you for trying!

the provided skin files are high res (8k and 4k bc7) and normal map is also bc7 compressed otherwise all closeup scenes look crap. this should cost mostly no frame at all but if you play on a low end rig with limitded hardware this mod may contibute to a memory bottleneck and it is probably not made for you! for serious modding i recommend at least 16 GB ram, better 32 and a capable graphics card with 8GB vram or more.

this mod is overhauled exclusively for skyrim se while using and testing my ningheim presets to provide them with the perfect skin base. especially the face is customized for detailed skin. so if you like my images and use or like to use my presets you will get a really good result with this skin mod.

all involved unp authors and regenbot03 and annini for the oustanding ultra skin texture resource.
Hellosanta for inspration with his sg female renewal face and head texture
Dimon99 for the inspirering base UNP
the gimp developers for the nice painting tool
nifscope developers for the nice mesh viewer
blackmaid and queenieangel for their stunning images in the le mod

please let me know if i forgot someone to credit. thank you to all of you!!

you may watch my othere mods here.
if you have questions just ask. feedback is much appreciated. have fun playing skyrim!