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You can tame some animals, simply.

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You can tame animals now, that's it. This isn't some elaborate follower mod where you can cuddle your pet Sabre Cat, this is a mod where you can recruit that troll over there to help you get through some dungeon.

To tame an animal you simply have to be sneaking, activate an animal, and try to give it some food. Prey prefer leafy greens, predators prefer huge chunks of meat. The chances for success are dependent on your character's Speech skill, and the animal's level; it will be easier to tame a rabbit than it will be to tame a Cave Bear. It will also be easier to tame an animal if it isn't trying to eat you. So being skilled in Illusion, knowing the Kyne's Peace shout, or using the Wood Elf racial ability will help. You can tame up to five animals at once.

Once you have tamed an animal, it will follow you around and attack, pretty much everything. If you activate it again, you will have some more options:

Feed - Give your animal some food to heal them
Follow - Command them to continue following you
Wait - Command them to wait for you
Flee - The animal won't attack (you should use this before taking wild animals into a civilized area, they may lose it)
Fight - The animal will attack if it's capable (your pet rabbit won't fight anything, even if you use this command)
Dismiss - Send the animal back into the wild