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Locational Damage for SKSE VR! Do extra damage depending on which body part you hit with your arrows or spells.

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Locational Damage SKSE port for VR/SE. Original mod for Skyrim LE: Locational Damage by Felisky.

I wanted to port this mod since I think the game should be more skill based, and there was no good mod for adding extra damages on headshots etc. This definitely works best with increased difficulty through the game options or other mods that make NPCs much stronger!

NOTE:  I currently recommend using Immersive Sounds with the "Instant Impacts" option together with this mod for the best headshot SFX.

v0.7.2 BETA
-Fix for missing Impact VFX when projectiles hit
-Improve stability

v0.7.1 BETA
-Fix bug where essential NPCs could sometimes be decapitated
-Improve default config and attempt to print all configs in log
-Improve log info
-Some code cleanup

v0.7.0 BETA
-Add decapitation on headshot
-New option "DamageFollowers" true/false (default: false)
-New options WeaponDecapitationChance and SpellDecapitationChance from 0-100% (default: 100)
-Support for headshots with newer versions of Weapon Throw VR
-Misc improvements and fixes

v0.6.5 BETA Update Changelist:
-Fix bug with spell damage processing, especially spellsiphon and lightning spells
-Add new SpellTimeout option (set spell timeout in milliseconds)
-Add new LogNotification option (print damage info to log)
-Fix potential bug if magicka regen is modded to be negative

v0.6.1 BETA Update Changelist:
-Fix for certain staves causing crashes

v0.6 BETA Update Changelist:
-Add support for playing sounds when locational bonus damage is applied (for example, on headshots)
-Configuration for sounds played, different sounds are played for spells or physical weapons
-Fix VFX/SFX playing when shooting at dead bodies

v0.5 BETA Update Changelist:
-Add support for Shizof's WeaponThrowVR mod, this will trigger locational bonus damage from your thrown weapons

v0.4.2 BETA Update Changelist:
-Fix crash when using Dawnbreaker (and possibly other weapons with magic effects attached to them)

v0.4.1 BETA Update Changelist:
-Fix crash when using spell staff

v0.4 BETA Update Changelist:
-Better spell damage tracking when using dual destruction spells or swapping spells quickly (SkyrimVRTools required for this feature)
-Play red impact VFX when locational bonus damage is registered (for example on headshot)
-Additional bonus damage from destruction perks for Fire/Frost/Lighting
-Compatible with Spellsiphon, add Woven Power and Elemental Overload damage bonus to locational bonus damage
-Further improvements on dragon headshot accuracy
-Small code optimizations

As of latest V0.3 BETA Update:
This is a BETA release, not all features are working and there may be stability or compatibility issues. However, It has been tested and confirmed working with major VR mods such as VRIK, MageVR & VRCustomQuickslots.
You should now get correct spell bonus damage, but I recommend not using 2 destruction spells at the same time.
Dragon headshots are now fixed.
SE version released, supports SE v1.5.73 and v1.5.80 (I recommend not using it with Ultimate Combat though)

-Different damage multipliers for head, body(heart), legs, arms. Configurable in the INI
-Works with both arrows and spell projectiles (unlike the original mod which only worked with arrows)
-Armor type on each bodypart will effect the damage multiplier (for arrows but not spells)
-Configurable notification when locational damage registers
-Supports all the same NPC types as the original mod, which is most NPCs.
-Spell damage should be correct most of the time.  
-Spell damage is independently configurable with special INI setting "SpellDamageMultiplier" (default 1.0)
-Impact VFX
-Destruction perks add bonus damage
-Compatible with spellsiphon, all spellsiphon multipliers will add bonus damage as well

What doesn't work yet:
-On hit effects such as disarm or stagger
-Spell damage may be incorrect with 2 different destruction spells in each hand or if you frequently swap spells in mid combat. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do I disable the constant notifications?
A: Set DisplayNotification=false in the INI file

Q: Does it support VRIK?
A: Yes

Q: Will this support melee damage?
A: No, it is specifically projectiles only.  

Q: When will this be ported to SE?
A: It is out now.  

Hopefully in the future will have improved compatbility, add more NPC types, add Skyrim SE support, add missing features etc.


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