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Allows your Health, Stamina, Magicka, and Carry Weight to increase automatically when leveling up your skills.

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This mod causes your Health, Stamina, Magicka, and Carry Weight to increase automatically when you level up your skills.

It works as follows:

* Warrior skills add 0.5 points to Health each rank, and 0.1 points to Stamina and Magicka.
* Thief skills 0.6 a points to Stamina each rank, and 0.1 points to Health and Magicka.
* Mage skills add 0.6 points to Magicka each rank, and 0.1 points to Health and Stamina.
* Two-Handed, Smithing, Heavy Armor, Pickpocket, Alchemy, and Alteration each add +0.25 points per rank to Carry Weight, while all other skills add +0.05 per rank to carry weight.
* Each time a skill is made Legendary, its effective rank is increased by +20 when determining how much it affects attributes.

The scripting is lightweight, and will run only when loading a game or when a skill levels up.

Starting with version 0.6, it should be compatible with anything, while older versions will be compatible with anything that doesn't directly modify the base attribute values (such as Classic Elder Scrolls Attributes, Smart Automatic Attribute Leveling, or Natural Character Growth and Decay)

Please note that this mod is in beta right now, so it may not be completely balanced.  Also, it is highly recommended you use an Uncapper or something similar to either disable or reduce level-based increases to attributes, since this mod is designed under the assumption that it replaces the level-up attribute increases.

Future Plans:
  • Add options to control attribute growth rates on a per-skill basis.
  • Compatibility with race overhaul mods that alter the base attributes of each race (eg: Imperious, SkyRe)
  • Implement an MCM menu

Mods recommended to go with this one:
  • Skyrim Community Uncapper:  I recommend setting HealthAtLevelUp, MagickaAtLevelUp, StaminaAtLevelUp, and CarryWeightAtXXXLevelUp to 0.
  • Experience: This mod complements Automatic Attribute Advancement very well.


Oldrim had several mods which caused your attributes to automatically increase as you leveled up your skills.  However, none of those were ported to Special Edition except for Smart Automatic Attribute Leveling, which I disliked.  So, I looked though these various mods and tried to find one with porting-friendly permissions and available source code.  The one I found with such permissions was Natural Character Growth and Decay, so I ported that.  However, its slow progression made it too grindy for my tastes, so I chose to create my own attribute growth mod from scratch.


This mod does not currently support MCM, so in order to customize it, you must use console to modify some global variables.  Listed below are how to do various things:

To adjust the starting attribute values, you run any of the following console commands, where X is the amount by which you want the attribute increased or decreased from its default.  So if you want Health to start at 110 instead of 100, you replace X with 10.  These globals all start at 0.
set AutoAttrHealthAdjust to X
set AutoAttrStaminaAdjust to X
set AutoAttrMagickaAdjust to X
set AutoAttrCarryAdjust to X

To control how much each attribute is affected by skill ranks, you run any of the following console commands, where X is the multiplier for the amount of points gained per rank from relevant skills.  These globals all start at 0.5 by default (meaning 0.5 points per rank), with the exception of the one for carry weight (which is 0.25 by default).
set AutoAttrHealthRate to X
set AutoAttrStaminaRate to X
set AutoAttrMagickaRate to X
set AutoAttrCarryAdjust to X

Additionally, the following can be run as a multiplier for all skills.  It defaults to 1.0.   Set it to 0.5 to reduce all attribute growth by half, or 2.0 to double all attribute growth.
set AutoAttrSkillFactor to X

If you wish to adjust the Legendary bonus applied to skills, you can run the following console command, where X is the number of effective ranks added each time it is made Legendary.  Set X to zero to disable this feature.
set AutoAttrLegendaryFactor to X

If you wish to disable the notifications for skill increases, then run the following command.  Replace the 0 with a 1 to turn them back on.
set AutoAttrNotify to 0
If you're using a mod such as YASH2 which changes or reduces the base skill levels, run the following command, replacing X with the correct value:
set AutoAttrSkillBase to X

Should be compatible with most mods, however the following mods are suspected to have compatibility issues:
* Achieve That: When used in "Good Old Days" mode, some of the perks may cause attributes to skyrocket to absurd values over time.
* Forgotten Magic: Some of the spell talents may cause attributes to skyrocket to absurd values over time.