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This is a re-release of Sanguinaire which was taken offline about a year ago. Sanguinaire is a Vampirism and Lycanthropy overhaul mod, which completely rewrites the core mechanics base vampirism and lycanthropy. In addition, many new functions and experiences have been added to the game. See full description for details.

Permissions and credits
Sanguinaire (Revised Edition ALPHA Development - Skyrim Special Edition)
Author: Christopher4684 & Co-Author: TheDarkOne1047

Important Information:
This release of the Sanguinaire Alpha Project has now come to an end. Like all organically expanding projects code and content become chaotic after a time and the project is rebuilt from scratch to re-organise code, content and ensure smoother / bug free running. Revision 2 is now in development and will be released on the nexus at a later date. The current mod description will be used to ensure all content is integrated into the new build. Alpha revision 2 will be released later this year. No further development will continue on this release. For this reason the very few bug reports we had open have been closed and will be addressed in revision 2. I would also like to declare that the Second Revision of the Fallout 4 edition of Sanguinaire is nearing completion and will be online in the near future!

For now players are invited to continue playing this release until the new build is available. When the new release is uploaded it will be uploiaded as a new mod titled revision 2. This version will need to be uninstalled to play the new build. I am unable to give an ETA on release of the new build for now. I will update players at the relevant time.

David and I thank you all for playing this build, and we hope to better the experience further.

Important Notification:
All update push scripts designed to push changed in newer releases of this mod to player using older versions will be purged on 31/06/2020. If you have not already, please ensure you are using the latest version of this mod by this time. If you upgrade after these scripts are removed it could cause you to need to restart your game save. If you are using vortex, simply ask it to check for updates. If you are not, please download from the files section. Thank You.

Questions regarding this mod:
Before asking questions in the discussions area, please make sure you have read the mod description first. I have reached a point where I am receiving questions on a daily basis that are answered within this mod description and linked articles. If questions are posted where the OP has clearly not read the mod description I will remove it without a response. The mod description is here to answer your questions. Please only ask questions if it is not covered here.

Welcome to Sanguinaire:
Sanguinaire is a large project with the aim to create a hugely immersive vampire and lycanthorpy experience for Skyrim. The mod mainly attempts to remain lore friendly and while improving the native Skyrim vampirism, also includes other vampiric strains from across Tamriel. Sanguinaire currently provides playability of several additional vampiric strains including Morrowind, Cyrodiil, Daggerfall, Noxiphilic Sanguivoria, Keerilth (Noxiphilic Sanguivoria Variant), and the Whet-Fang. More vampire strains from Tamriel lore will be added in the future. This mod is intended for hard core role-players who enjoy a harsh, unforgiving supernatural world. The mod also provides custom crafting options for various game functions. See bottom of the page for more information on custom crafting and blood extraction.

Functionality Prerequisites:
Due to the purpose of this module, and it's function it is important to ensure you have your system set up properly to avoid issues. It should be noted that Sanguinaire is a total overhaul of the vampire experience, but does not affect the VL perk tree and updates a few of Harkon's dialogue rules for the purpose of  identifying you correctly if you are a Hybrid. Sanguinaire does not modify NPCs directly to ensure the unofficial patch changes to them still work, but the base vampire races have been modified as it was necessary for functionality. This mod is designed to give a very particular experience to hardcore role-players and does not use MCM menus. This is essential to total immersion, and I will not be adding MCM menus in the future. Sanguinaire is a sister project of the Fallout 4 Sanguinaire, which can be found here:

1) Do not play Sanguinaire with another vampire overhaul installed. This will clash and break the game.
2) Do not play Sanguinaire with mods that modify werewolf scripting, as Sanguinaire must use these scripts for Hybrid functionality.
3) Place Sanguinaire as priority over dialogue overhauls to allow Harkon's dialogue to work correctly with some of the mod's functions.
4) Place Sanguinaire as priority over dialogue overhauls to allow Giana's dialogue in quest "To Kill an Empire" to recognise Porphyric Hemophelia races.
5) Ensure you play Sanguinaire on either a brand new save, or a save in which you are not already a vampire / werewolf to avoid functionality issues.
6) It is best not to use mods that modify vanilla vampire spells with Sanguinaire. This could cause functionality issues.
7) If you are using the unofficial patch, make sure Sanguinaire loads with priority to ensure all vampire mechanics work properly.
8) This mod is compatible with the unofficial patch. Just ensure that Sanguinaire has priority in the load order.

This module will not be compatible with other mods that modify player side vampire mechanics, as Sanguinaire is an overhaul module. This includes mods that modify vanilla vampire functions such as core scripting, hunger system modifications. Sanguinaire is however fully compatible with vampire perk mods, and the alternative start "live another life" mod. Sanguinaire does not modify NPCs directly, and instead uses quest aliases to apply NPC changes. This means that beautification mods are compatible with Sanguinaire. Sanguinaire is not compatible with mods that modify vanilla vampire powers as it makes changes to these for functionality reasons. Sanguinaire is compatible with other mods provided they don't affect vampire core scripting, vanilla vampire powers and as long as it has priority over dialogue overhauls for the purpose of updating Harkon's dialogue to identify the player correctly as a hybrid.

The Sanguinaire Handbook:
You will find a copy of the Sanguinaire Handbook in the catacombs of the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun. This is an in-game copy of the mod description. This allows players to consult the mod description in-game if needed. It is located in the small room on the left as you enter the catacombs.

Vampirism: Sanguinare Vampiris (Native Skyrim Strain)
This section of the mod page covers updates and improvements made to the Skyrim native Sanguinare Vampiris strain. This inludes the player and NPC side of the experience. These vampires are now more powerful with updated mechanics and perks and designed for an overall better experience.
Click here to view changes to Sanguinare Vampiris (Native Skyrim Strain) mechanics and implementation.

Vampirism: Porphyric Hemophelia (Morrowind Strain)
This section of the mod page covers our newest addition to the project. We have tried to keep this as lore friendly as possible but some mechanics from the original Morrowind game had to be modified for an effective experience within the Skyrim engine. Travelling in Solstheim at night may prove hazardous to some now that the vampires of Morrowind have found their way to the island. Porphyric Hemophelia is split into 3 separate blood-lines each originating with a progenitor. Although all clans have the same base mechanics, each clan has unique traits not present in others.
Click here to view full details on Porphyric Hemophelia (Morrowind Strain) mechanics and implementation.

Vampirism: Porphyric Hemophelia (Cyrodiil Strain)
This section of the mod description covers our newest addition to the project, the Cyrodiilic strain of Porphyric Hemophelia vampirism. The vampires of Cyrodiil are cousins to the Morrowind strain of Porphyric Hemophelia in a different evolutionary stage in it's timeline. Although some of the traits are similar to that of Morrowind, there are some differences.

History: Movarth Piquine is a master vampire first mentioned in the book Immortal Blood. He later became the leader of a coven in Skyrim, of which Alva and Laelette were members, and functions as the main antagonist during the quest "Laid to Rest." The cyrodiilic form of the disease entered Skyrim's borders when his migration to Morthal.
Click here for full details on Porphyric Hemophelia (Cyrodiilic Strain) mechanics and implementation.

Vampirism: Porphyric Hemophelia (Daggerfallian Strain)
This section of the mod page covers our newest addition to the project. We have tried to keep this as lore friendly as possible but some mechanics from the original Daggerfall game had to be modified for an effective experience within the Skyrim engine. The group of these vampires came to Skyrim to await the return of the wolf queen, and can be encountered in the Solitude catacombs during the quest "The wolf queen awakened".
Click here for full details on Porphyric Hemophelia (Daggerfallian Strain) mechanics and implementation.

Vampirism: Noxiphilic Sanguivoria (Second Era)
A more ancient form of vampirism from the second era. At one time this strain of vampirism was dominant in vampires across Tamriel. The bloodline started with Lamae Bal, a Nedic tribeswoman who was violated by Molag Bal, and then tained with a drop of his blood which resulted in her death, and eventually her undeath. She was the first recorded vampire in Tamriel's history. This strain of vampirism is particularly unique as those who turn are not affected by sunlight. While some would see this as a great advantage, they suffer other detriments which can be just as debilitating at times. These vampires are primarily featured in Elder Scrolls online. Due to the changes intended in the upcoming DLC for ESO, our Noxiphilic vampires will use reversed hunger mechanics instead of those presented in the base ESO game. We have also implemented properties of the original lore book.
Click here for full details on Noxiphilic Sanguivoria (Second Era) mechanics and implementation.

Vampirism: Noxiphilic Sanguivoria (Keerilth Clan Variant)
This variant vampire of the Noxiphilic Bloodline is more or less the same as it's parent condition with a few differences. This strain of Noxiphilic Sanguivoria started with the Bosmer in Valenwood where the disease evolved. This clan do not suffer a weakness to fire but instead for an undetermined reason suffer from a weakness to water, causing damage when swimming and exposed to wet weather.
Click here for full details on Noxiphilic Sanguivoria (Keerilth Clan Variant) mechanics and implementation.

Vampirism: Serratus Peryiphim (Black Marsh)
A vampiric disease known as Porphyric Hemophelia tainted by the Daedric Lord Peryite. It is said Peryite created this strain of vampirism out of spite for the Argonian race due to their high disease resistance. These vampires have a creepy green tint to their skin and wield powerful abilities as well as suffering terrible detriments.
Click here for full details on Serratus Peryiphim (Black Marsh) mechanics and implementation.

Playing as a vampire is a non-stop battle of wills against one's human nature, and the bestial nature of the creature that now possesses and animates their undead body. Morality loss is a gradual process whereby the mortal nature of the vampire slowly erodes over a prolonged period of time giving way to the nature of the beast within. While some vampires feel they can fight this process, others quickly succumb to it. Low morality as well as specific combat conditions can also induce frenzy. Frenzy frequency and duration are dictated by the player's morality level.
Click here for the full morality guide.

The Wolf-Blades Vampire Hunters:
The wolf-blades are a group of werewolves that were once decimated and tormented by vampires. In their revenge, they have formed a group of independent vampire hunters which are separate from the Vigilants of Stendarr and the Dawnguard. They are vampire hunters with the beast blood. The wolf-blades will only start to hunt you if you kill innocent victims while feeding. If the wolf-blades attack at night, they will transform if they appear between 9pm and 3am, and will be stronger than average humanoids outside of these hours.

Vampires in the wild:
Be careful walking the roads of Skyrim and Solstheim at night as unwary travellers often come under attack by hungry vampires. In combat, vampires can bite the player if they get in too close, draining their HP and potentially infecting the player with their strain of vampirism. Vampires hunting in the wild are vicious and merciless in their pursuit of blood.

Be cautious sleeping outdoors:
As a mortal, sleeping rough in the wild away from the safety of a city could result in being bitten by a vampire while sleeping. This is a low 5% chance event. If this happens, on waking the player will notice an amount of HP has been removed from their health bar, and can even become infected. The vampire that bites the player, and the disease strain contracted is defined by the player's location, and which vampires are most prevalent in that location.

Lycanthropy (Lesser & Greater):
This section of the mod page define changes and additions made to lycanthropy. Some game-play aspects of earlier Elder Scrolls games and lore that Bethesda later discarded in Skyrim have been re-integrated for maximum game-play experience. Werewolves now use a similar mechanic to Morrowind, in the sense that they cannot just use their beast ability once per day whenever they fancy. Standard werewolves are forced to shift at night between the hours of 9pm and 3am and have no control over this transformation. During this transformation period they must feed on at least one human or elf race before they shift back. If the player fails to feed during the night as a werewolf, he/she will suffer a health detriment until they can feed.

Lesser Lycanthropy:
If you contract Sanies Lupinus through a scratch or bite, you will become a lesser lycanthrope after 24 hours if it is not cured in that time. The main difference between lesser lycanthropy and greater lycanthropy given by the companions, is that lesser lycanthropes cannot access the werewolf perk tree. For this reason, lesser lycanthropes are weaker than greater lycanthropes. The player can upgrade to greater lycanthropy if they gain it via the companions. It should be noted that werewolves (Player or NPC) can also pass the affliction to NPCs.

Hiricine's Ring (Cursed):
In dialogue, it was proposed to the player that the cursed version of Hiricine's ring was supposed to cause the wearer to randomly shift into their wolf form without warning at any given time if they are a werewolf. It is probably also obvious to experienced players that Bethesda did not actually implement this mechanic and simply displayed an active effect to say it had been. This mechanic has now been put in place and the player will randomly shift on occasion while wearing the cursed version of the ring. This will give the player quick motivation to either get rid of the ring of release the curse from it through appeasing Hiricine.

Hiricine's Ring:
Once the player has had the curse removed from the ring, it will prove most useful if the player is a werewolf. The ring will not only allow the player to access their beast form at any time if they are a greater werewolf, but will suppress the forced night time shifts for all types of werewolf. Lesser werewolves cannot access their beast form on command while wearing the ring due to their weaker blood.

Like vampires, as a werewolf you can benefit from the ranking system to become more powerful over time. Ranking as a werewolf is achieved by feeding on corpses in werewolf form, but the effects of ranking will also be present when in humanoid form. These ranks include Werewolf, Werewolf Savage, Werewolf Brute, Werewolf Skinwalker and Werewolf Beastmaster. Each rank will increase inherent abilities and earn additional perks.

Added inherent abilities and weaknesses:
Bestial Prowess: +5 Damage Resistance per rank.
Bestial Strength: +5 Melee & Unarmed Damage per rank.
Weakness to Silver: Take 25% more damage if hit with a silver weapon.
Lunar Shift: Player is forced to shift between the hours of 9pm and 3am.
Call of the blood: -50 HP if player fails to feed while in forced transition until next feed.

Unlockable Perks:
Carnivorous Blood-Lust: Raw red meat heals +50 more HP. (Rank 1)
Resist Normal Weapons: +15 resistance to normal material weapons not made of silver. (Rank 2)
Increased Wielding Speed: +20% weapon speed when using Two-Handed Weapons. (Rank 3)
Scent of the Wolf: Wild wolves can smell your beast blood and will not attack you in humanoid form. (Rank 4)

Additional: If the player obtains the cannibal perk, they can feed on humanoid corpses to prevent the coming night's transformation.

NPC Werewolves:
Like the player, NPC werewolves are forced to shift at night. This includes the companions who will often run to an isolated location at night to shift. That being said, during some quests select companions may stick around at night in human form. As above it should be noted that werewolves can only prevent their night time shift through the blessing of Hiricine or consuming human flesh. How they are achieving this is up to speculation of the player. It certainly makes one wonder if the companions are as noble as they claim... There is also a chance for NPCs to contract lycanthropy through a scratch or bite from a werewolf just like the player. This is transferred on a 15% chance variable. If the NPC is infected they will show the FX shader for infection.

Curing Vilkas and Farkas:
This should be obvious, but for those who are wondering, curing Vilkas and Farkas of Lycanthropy will remove their forced transformations at night and strip them of any werewolf buffs given by this mod.

NPC Werewolves:
At night, NPCs afflicted with lycanthropy will transform (see details in lycanthropy section). If the player encounters a transformed werewolf in the wild it may attack in a brutal bloodlust frenzy. The player can contract lesser lycanthropy from these NPCs. In this situation the player will gain a weaker form of lycanthropy that does not have access to the perk tree. Being given the beast blood by the companions will upgrade them to the stronger version of lycanthropy if they already have contracted lesser.

Vampire & Werewolf Hybrid:
This section of the mod page defines the addition of the hybrid. A hybrid is two separate organisms that have formed one. In real life this would be the result of successful breeding of two unrelated species of animal. In this case, it is a merge by use of a daedric ring and magic. The resulting creature is a whole, created from separate parts. As a hybrid the player's vampire side will no longer suffer weakness to sunlight (in humanoid, beast and VL form), and the player's werewolf side will no longer be forced to shift at night. The hybrid can access both beast form at will as well as their associated perk trees, and will suffer a worsened weakness to silver. Active effects shared by both species will merge. It should be noted that hybrids cannot be cured. Hybrids also benefit from a push back effect when power attacking with melee weapons due to their additional supernatural strength. The player will also benefit from both ranking systems when playing as a hybrid. Noxiphilic vampires however lose their blood scion ability when becoming Hybrid, and Bloodfiend's will experience hindrance as a hybrid. See the Noxiphilic Vampire article for more information on this.

The Ring of the Hybrid: Used to prevent curing vampirism when obtaining lycanthropy. Obtainable by the player by defeating a unique hidden mini-boss. This ring is required to become a hybrid. This hybrid is ruler of a vampire clan to the south of Skyrim. That is all I am prepared to give away. Be assured that this boss is well protected by his clan, and is in himself a tough boss to beat, unless you're using cheats in which case I'm not interested. For those looking for a challenge, this will certainly be just that.

Becoming a hybrid:
Once the ring has been obtained from the hybrid mini-boss hidden in the game the player must become a vampire, if they have not already done so. Once the player has become a vampire they must partake in the Lycanthropy ritual offered by the companions while wearing the ring. The ring will protect the player against losing their vampirism and a hybrid they shall become.

Custom Items and Crafting:
Sanguinaire offers some custom crafting options which will benefit the player both as a mortal hunting vampires, or as a vampire. The sections below describe what the player is now able to do to aid their gameplay experience:

Smithing Silver Weapons:
The player is now able to craft Silver Swords & Greatswords at any smithing forge if they have silver ingots. These weapons are super effective against vampires and will give the player an edge when fighting them.

Smithing Glass Bottles:
You can now create empty glass bottles at any smelter. These can be used as a vampire to extract blood. The extract blood perk requires at least 1 empty glass bottle to be present in the your inventory. See the article referring to your chosen bloodline for details on the extract blood perk.

Fangs added to female vampires, and improved for male vampires:
This mod now contains two TRI mesg files to add fangs to female vampires and improve fangs for male vampires. Special thanks to Aipex8 author of BVFE for making these meshes available as a modder's resource recently. In accordance with his mod page permission rules on assets, I am crediting him here.