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Remove low-poly/low-res details from logs.

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There are details from logs that even high-res textures don't really make them look better because they are low-poly.
Therefore I edited the meshes to remove them.
Examples available in the pictures.

I did this tweak for my own taste but I share it in case someone else may use it as well.
"Cover up that texture, which I can't endure to look on

Edited meshes:

  1. \meshes\landscape\trees\treeaspenlog01.nif
  2. \meshes\landscape\trees\treeaspenstump01.nif
  3. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestcutstump01.nif
  4. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestcutstump02.nif
  5. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforesthollow01.nif
  6. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforesthollow01snow.nif
  7. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestlog01.nif
  8. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestlog01blank.nif
  9. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestlog01snow.nif
  10. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestlog02.nif
  11. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestlog02blank.nif
  12. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestlog02snow.nif
  13. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestlogsm01.nif
  14. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestlogsm01snow.nif
  15. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestuprooted01.nif
  16. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestuprootedstump01.nif
  17. \meshes\landscape\trees\treepineforestuprootedstump01sn.nif
  18. \meshes\landscape\trees\wrtempletree01.nif
  19. \meshes\landscape\trees\wrtempletree02.nif


Should be compatible with most mods, such as:
- Skyrim Flora Overhaul - I didn't edit the same meshes, I just removed the branches from the fallen an uprooted trees, SFO only edit the standing trees
- Static Mesh Improvement (SMIM) - It only edit few standing trees, no conflict
- USSEP - It fixes few meshes for the transparent roots issue and this mod carries this fix. They are compatible

At my knowledge it is only "incompatible" with 3D Trees mod but all you have to do, is to install my mod first then let any other conflicting mod overwrites mine.
For example, 3D Trees completely replaced some trees that had ugly details (like the one from riverwood shown in the screenshots) but
several trees are left over with these ugly details. That's why you would install my mod first : to remove the ugly details of the leftover trees then overwrite it with 3D Trees to get the new trees (if you install my mod after 3D trees, some of its new trees will be reverted to the vanilla meshes).

Load Order:
In a nutshell, you can place it at the top of load order in Mod Manager 2: After UESP Patch but before any tree mod.

Already includes FTR - Fix for Transparent Roots (of fallen and uprooted Tree Pine stumps).