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This mod adds craftable Netch Leather armor to Skyrim, a type of armor which saw its original appearance in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

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I'm not the author of the mod, it's a simple port to SSE with the author's permission. If you like the mod, please endorse the original mod Morrowind Armor - Netch Leather, all credits go to THusky.

The esp was converted with the Creation Kit, the meshes and textures were optimized with Cathedral Assets Optimizer, all meshes were cleaned with NifSkope, without that the mod didn't work. Thanks to Oaristys for her help.

This mod adds craftable 'Netch Leather' armor to Skyrim, a type of armor which saw its first and (until now) only appearance in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Netch Leather armor was traditionally an exclusive craft of the Dunmer of Morrowind and Solstheim; they used Netch Leather because on Morrowind it was much more plentiful than ordinary leather, and the armor itself is designed not only to protect the wearer during combat but also provide comfort and protection from the elements.

- This mod adds an entire set of balanced, lore-friendly light armor, including several variations of helmets, cuirass, bracers, boots + shield, and more protective Netch Boiled Leather helmets + cuirass.
- Netch Leather armor offers slightly more protection than standard leather armor and is also lighter, and Netch Boiled Leather armor offers protection equal to Elven armor.
- Netch Leather armor is fully compatible with all races, sexes and standard body types.
- The helmets show long hair at the back, and the gauntlets show claws on beast-race hands.
- The helmets also come in 4 varieties;
1) full helmet - the head is covered by the helmet, and the face is covered by the mask & goggles.
2) open helmet - the head is covered by the helmet, but the face is exposed with the goggles resting on the forehead and the mask pulled down under the chin.
3) half helmet - the helmet covers the head but there are no goggles or mask.
4) face cover - only the goggles & mask without a helmet, can be combined with other helmets that do not cover the face.
- Circlets can be worn over all styles of helmet.
- The helmets with goggles & mask worn over the face offer protection from ash storms in Wet & Cold.
- Athis, Ralis Sedarys, Teldryn Sero, Irileth, Jenassa and occasionally Dunmer bandits in Solstheim can be seen wearing Netch Leather armor (versions of the mod without NPCs modifications is available in the FOMOD).
- Netch Leather armor uses Standard Definition textures.
- Compatibility patches are available for AI Overhaul (by mnikjom and SpiderAkiraC), WICO - Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul (by Windsong) and Beards of Power - Npc replacer (by Mharlek1) in the FOMOD.
- One version of the mod is compatible with Teldryn Serious - A Teldryn Sero Backstory Quest.

- You can craft Netch Leather armor at any Forge, and the recipes can be found under the 'Leather' category; crafting regular Netch Leather armor requires the 'Steel Smithing' perk, and to craft Netch Boiled Leather armor you need to have the Elven Smithing perk.
- Netch Leather armor requires Netch Leather and Netch Leather Strips to create, and Netch Leather to improve at the Workbench. Helmets with goggles require a Chitin Plate, and the shield requires an Iron Ingot.
- Netch Leather can be obtained on the isle of Solstheim, where it is sold by blacksmiths and traders, and can also be harvested from the corpses of slain Netch.
- Netch Leather is also sold on the Skyrim mainland by 2 merchants; Revyn Sadri of 'Sadri's Used Wares' in Windhelm, and Brand-Shei from the Riften marketplace. Both these merchants sell all the materials required to craft Netch Leather armor, and will stock the armor from level 10+.
- Netch Leather Strips can be crafted at the Tanning Rack from Netch Leather.
- Netch Boiled Leather armor requires Netch Boiled Leather and Netch Leather Strips to create, and Netch Boiled Leather to improve at the Workbench.
- Netch Boiled Leather can be crafted at Cooking Pots from Netch Leather and Netch Jelly.

- HeirOfTheSeptem's Retexture: Alternate texture pack provided by HeirOfTheSeptem.

Some areas of the armor may not accurately display blood splatters or snow/ash powder.

Will you be adapting this armor mod to UNP/CBBE/etc. body types?
I have no plans to, however if someone else wants to, I will be happy to include their work in this mod page as an optional file. Version for CBBE by docteure here.

Can I use your mod to create a mod of my own?
You are welcome to use any of the assets from this mod except the ones in the helmet; if you want to use those you require permission from other mod authors, see in the 'Credits' section below. For my mod assets, you dont need to ask my permission, just drop me a note to say that you have and link to your mod page, also giving credit is appreciated.

Can I make a translation of this mod, or release mod compatibility files?
Yes you may.

Can I upload screenshots showing my characters using your armor?
Yes please! I would particularly like to see screenshots showing off fancy ENB rendering and lighting effects.

Volvaga0: Thanks to Volvaga0 for letting me use his Bandanas of Skyrim, Chitin Goggles and Face Masks of Skyrim meshes. Credit also goes to Volvaga0 for inspiring me with his mod page design and layout.

Brokefoot: Thanks to Brokefoot for letting me use the 'respirator' mesh from his West Wind Combat Series - Assault Armor mod.

Fonts: I use the 'Planewalker' font for the headings on this page, You can find it here.

Inspiration: The artwork of Michael Kirkbride, a concept artist and writer who worked on Morrowind and several other Elder Scrolls titles, who to this day continues to produce awesome fan works set in TES. [Link to his Tumblr], [Link to his Reddit account].

Morrowind Amor: Netch Leather on Steam Workshop.

Morrowind Armor Compilation: My original armor mod which added several types of armor unique to
Morrowind into Skyrim, created well before the Dragonborn DLC was

Teh-Husky Mod Compilation: A compilation of my most popular older mods, mostly armor mods.

If you too are a Bosmers fan, join the Discord Server The Green Pact to talk about lore, mods and projects :^)