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Compilation of all the SkyRem mods for character creation and development: Gabi, Rae, Ava, Cori, and Elsa.
All together, these completely overhaul your character through Gender and Race enhancements, utilization of an Attribute system, a Class system, and a simple skill boost based on your background.

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Gabi Rae Ava Cori Elsa

A compilation of the first SkyRem series of mods focused on Character Creation and Development.
Gabi (Genders Are Boringly Indistinct): Gender selection now has an impact on gameplay.
Rae (Race Abilities Enhanced): Race abilities overhauled to be more relevant through the entire game.
Ava (Attribute Value Application): Attributes such as Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and 7 others affect your character's progression.
Cori (Class Overhaul Re-Imagined): New approach to Class systems. Grow and be rewarded for playing as your class and specialize as you go.
Elsa (Early Life Skill Adjustment): Gain a skill boost based on your character's background.

Base Changes
  • [GABI] A minor (Race lore-friendly) Gender bonus is applied.
  • [RAE] Skills begin at 1 prior to any bonuses.
  • [RAE] Starting stats (HMS, regeneration rates, carry weight, etc.) are tweaked based on Race.
  • [RAE] Once-a-day powers are removed (or converted to passives).
  • [RAE] No starting spells, with the exception of Altmer, Breton, Dunmer, and Imperials.
  • [RAE] Race still determines your Skill bonus. While the bonuses are smaller, you also learn these skills faster.
  • [ELSA] You receive a one time +10 to a single skill you select based on your background.
  • [AVA] Ten Attributes impact three characteristics each, which you can customize.
  • [CORI] Classes become available as you play and meet the requirements. You then specialize your class and choose the abilities you want.
  • [GABI, RAE, CORI] The vast majority of abilities scale, keeping them relevant throughout the game (without becoming over powered).

Playing with Grace
  • Start a new game.
  • Choose your Race and Gender, of which any combination will have benefits and drawbacks.
  • Use the AVA Menu to distribute and save your Attributes. *THESE CANNOT BE RESET*
  • Choose your background (by using the Reflect power) to gain a one time +10 bonus to a single skill.
  • Develop your characters Class through a series of Archetypes, Classes, and Specializations based on your play style.

This allows you to completely customize your character, from their attributes to your class specialization to your abilities.
The end result - create a unique character each time you play, with countless possibilities.
While some builds may be more difficult to achieve (an Orcish Blacksmith turned Master Sorcerer, or a Bosmer Hunter turned Master Paladin), you are able to develop your character anyway you want.

Warning: If you want hack & slash and magic spamming coupled with jack-of-all-trades... this is not for you. If you prefer true character development coupled with strategy with decisions that have drawbacks/consequences on the other hand...

Known "Issues"
  • None known at this time.

The individual mods have a lot more information regarding their respective parts. If you want to see more info about the Classes, check out the Cori mod page. Same with Ava for attributes, Rae for race changes, and Gabi for gender changes. Elsa is pretty simple... but it is still there if you wish to reference it.

Most everything in Grace has been made from "scratch" in order to minimize conflicts with other mods.
  • Mods that alter Race Records: This was necessary to ensure NPCs get the same benefits/penalties as the player.
  • MQ101 has a minor tweak that prevents starting spells from being added. Overwriting this is in no way game-breaking.
  • Mods that include/apply a Speed Fix - This can have unpredictable results as a fix is incorporated due to the nature of the Agility attribute.

SkyRem Character Series - GRACE
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Rae: Race Abilities Enhanced
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Ava: Attribute Value Application
Ava: Attribute Value Application (Redone)
Cori: Class Overhaul Re-Imagined
Cori: Class Overhaul Re-Imagined (Custom Skills Framework)
Elsa: Early Life Skill Adjustment

SkyRem Immersion Series - EMILI
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Eve: Evolving Value Economy
Mia: More Immersive Activations
Inez: Improved NPC Encounter Zones
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SkyRem Gameplay Series
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SkyRem: Skyrim Roleplay Enhancement Mod Guide
SkyRem Guide: A guide based on the SkyRem concept (Roleplay Enhancement Modding)