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Saving your game is now an in game mechanic in which you must expend soul gems in trade for Temporal Crystals. Increasing difficulty and tension where there was none.

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Temporal Save

Across the nexus many mods increase difficulty, most through combat, some through other means. This mod was inspired by mods such as "Immersive Sleep to Save" in which the process of saving your game is limited both as a method to control or deny save scumming and to increase difficulty or risk as a result.

Temporal Save does this in a different approach.

Saving, Full, Quick and Auto are entirely disabled from the second the mod is installed.

Your only means to save the game is by utilizing a new spell given to you that will allow you to convert soul gems into temporal crystals also referred to as anchors. As such this give a material cost to saving your game, often you might find yourself debating to spend a crystal or not before a room as you might have to fight something worse just beyond, provided you have any to spare at all. The saves made are full saves despite the message saying auto and can be loaded to at any time. A single courtesy Temporal Crystal will be given to you on start in light of large load orders and mod configuration. That said, should you die and you had yet to save your game anyway, that's it, gone. 

The conversion of soul gems is in a ratio that I found most logical given their value both empty and filled.

EMPTY SOUL GEMS in ratio to Temporal Crystals
Petty 8:1 Price 10
Lesser 4:1 Price 25
Common 2:1 Price 50
Greater 1:1 Price 100
Grand 1:2 Price 200
FILLED SOUL GEMS in ratio to Temporal Crystals
Petty 4:1 Price 40
Lesser 2:1 Price 80
Common 1:1 Price 150
Greater 1:2 Price 350
Grand 1:4 Price 500

I have elected to omit black soul gems and the stars of azura as they can completely undermine the tension and difficulty the mod aims to bring. Black Soul Gems are expensive, bandits are cheap, and plentiful. This would completely break down with the black star and even the normal star allows you a refillable soul gem that doesn't cost gold or effort to get back.

From a lore perspective these would also be a no go as the Ideal Masters would likely protest the use and destruction of the Black Souls they covet as well as Azura being equally likely to protest for similar reasons.


Temporal Save does not alter any assets in game and has no presence in game cells
Temporal Save can work alongside mods such as Immersive Sleep to Save as they work on similar concepts


My thanks to Jaiim for giving me a lead into the CK that inspired me to actually make this mod, this being my first mod.


If for some reason you find yourself wanting to uninstall this mod (You coward) there is only one thing you should know. The state that prevents you from being able to save is not an active script, it's a toggle. The mod sets you into what is known as "Player.setinchargen 1 0 0" each number enables or disabled a different thing, the first field is what limits your ability to save normally.

With that in mind if you wish to remove the mod, you will still need to enter the command "Player.setinchargen 0 0 0" to restore your state to enable saving as prior to the mod.