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Herein lies a simple idea, with branching leveled lists expanding many unrewarding loot pools in a simple fashion.

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Ever thought about how pointless it is to fight a dragon for 200 gold? You spent more than that in the arrows you lost during the fight!

What about that time you walked away with nothing but an empty petty soul gem from that extremely difficult dungeon?

Or that time you fought the fabled Dragon Priests for their dusty bone meal?

Or that other time....



What this mod does:

Herein lies a simple idea, one that is balanced and leveled appropriately.

Rebalanced Leveled Lists does exactly as the name suggests. It rebalances and refurbishes those dusty old leveled lists so they stop coughing up 2 septims and a lockpick so often.

I've created multiple new leveled-lists and distributed them accordingly in the vanilla loot pools. Dwarven loot pools are more Dwarven, Falmer loot pools are more Falmer... and so on.

Boss chests are primarily the target of the distribution, as they tend to be at the end of most dungeons. However, Dragons now have a much nicer loot pool. Their leveled items pull from several sublists, which in turn pull from a few more sublists, ensuring variety and value comes out of spending time fighting dragons late game with Deadly Dragons cranked up to Insane.


  • Adds Chitin, Stalhrim, Nordic and Bonemold to armor and weapon leveled lists. - NOT IN LITE!

  • Chances for dragons and other boss drops to include:
Enchanted Armor

Enchanted Weapon

Daedric Armor

Daedric Weapons

Dragonplate/Dragonscale Armor

Dragonbone weapons (Bethesda never made these droppable!)

Ingested ingredients/Potions/Ore/Ingots - DRAGONS DO NOT DROP ORE IN LITE!

  • Boss chests with leveled loot pools that make sense. 
  • Bandits will have stolen armor/jewelry/food, etcDwarven ruins will contain more Dwemer artefacts, soul gems, and suchWarlocks will have more spell tomes and magic items stashed awayForsworn will have more gems, weapons, armor, and poisonous ingredients hiddenGiants will collect more random items, and have a chance to have a stash of Sleeping Tree sapFalmer will have more poisons, ore, and other paraphernaliaVampires will have more valuable and noble lootWerewolf den chests will contain their trophies and other miscellaneous objects.


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or mods that add challenging enemies with loot pools you'd like to spice up, such as....

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