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This is a Special Edition port of the Captain Marvel Nightingale version mod made by wanoo99

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What was Carol Danvers doing when she wasn't on screen during Endgame? What kept her so busy? Well, now you know. She was busy dealing with Skyrim and its problems. This is a standalone retexture of the Nightingale armor to turn it into Captain Marvel's suit. I didn't make it. I simply ported the Oldrim mod.

Original old Skyrim mod: Captain Marvel Nightingale version by wanoo99

The fire effect is not part of the mod. That's simply the Flame Cloak spell that's already in the game.

Future plans: I want to add a "Binary Form" power that becomes available when you equip the armor. It will be a constant flame and lightning cloak and glowing eyes. And maybe even a passive "Seventh Sense" which activates the freeze time shout once every 60 seconds during combat. But it will take me a bit of playing around to learn how to do all that. All help is welcome. If you know how to do it, please teach me.

Other mods used in the screenshots:
FNIS PCEA2 (for that badass standing pose)
ApacheSkyHair and KS Hairdos (the hair is definitely from one of those two mods. I didn't pay attention when creating the character. I was quickly flipping through the styles, looking for one that would suit her.)
Realistic Hair Colors
The Eyes of the Beauty
Enhanced Character Edit