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Nerevarinekhajiit and InsanitySorrow

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Replaces regular soulgems with models and textures in the style of Morrowind

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I always found the defaul soulgem appearances to be annoyingly same-y, and kind of ugly to boot. It also happens that I'm also a huge fan of how the soulgems looked in Morrowind. This mod changes Skyrims soulgems to look like Morrowind's soulgems.


You should always know exactly what you're downloading and putting into your savegames.

-Wait, wasn't there a mod like this for OG Skyrim?-

Yes! That mod was my inspiration for this mod (Morrowind-Like Soulgems). You see, both of our mods use some modders' resources from the incredibly talented InsanitySorrow, however, my mod sets out to do something completely different in terms of implementation.

-How does it work? Has it been cleaned?-

So, where the older Morrowind Soulgem mod implemented the new models as-is with InsanitySorrow's folder strucutre, it needed an .esp file to tell the game where the new models were. That is a perfectly fine solution, however, there is a limit to the number of plugins you can use, and there's a bit of a hassle with SSE's achievement blocking when .esp files are present. So what I've done is to take the models, rename everything to follow vanilla folder structure, and edit the meshes in nifskope to follow that kind of folder formatting.

In short, this is a replacer that does not require a plugin, and thus will not produce any errors or conflicts with stuff like USSEP or other mods that touch on soulgem balance. Since there's no plugin, there's no cleaning required - this is completely safe to install or remove at your whim.

Note that since Morrowind did not have a Black Soulgem, nor soulgem fragments, there are no new models for them in this mod. This mod only changes Petty, Lesser, Common, Greater, and Grand soulgems.


This should be compatible with almost literally everything, as it's just meshes and textures. The only things that should interfere with it are other soulgem models.


Just install with NMM, or if you're a masochist you can extract the .7z file into your Skyrim SE directory manually.


Deactivate with NMM, or delete the files in textures/clutter/soulgem and meshes/clutter/soulgem
This mod does NOT make gamesave changes, add scripts, or anything else that meddles with save files. It is absolutely safe to remove my mod at any time.

-Version History-

    *1.0 - Initial Release.


Do not upload this mod to any other site. If I want it on another site, I'll be the one to put it there.
You can make compatibility patches for other mods without permission, but PLEASE give credit where credit is due, and send me a PM about it so I can add a link to the description.
If I am offline, and don't reply to PM's for 3 or more months, I give my full consent to do anything with this mod that you wish.
These models are provided by InsanitySorrow as a modders' resource. If InsanitySorrow decides that they no longer want these
models available, I will take this down.

-My Mods-


InsanitySorrow - For making the models
Thurderan - For making the original .esp version of the mod
Bethesda - For making Skyrim
Nexus Mods - For hosting such a great community of modders, and generally being awesome.
The Nexus Mods Community - You guys are the reason I'm doing this, and the reason Skyrim modding is so spectacularly robust.
My mom - You know why.