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This is an Internal Hack, a DLL file, which will manipulate the games memory after its injected into the game.
Using an ingame menu you will be able to toggle options ON/OFF with your mouse.
There is no anticheat so STEAM wont make any problems.

Permissions and credits
UPDATED to Patch 1.6.353.0

You have to be in windowmode or borderless windowmode

[Insert] = Show/Hide the menu

Feature List:

 Item Spawner
  • Pick a category, item & amount. Spawn the item directly to your inventory

        Character Editor
  • Fast leveling skills
  • Edit Character Mainstats (Health, Stamina & Magicka)
  • Edit Character Skills (20+ Skills)
  • Indestructible Lockpicks
  • Item duping
  • No shout cooldown
  • No weight limit
  • One Hit Kill
  • Infinite Dragonsouls (you need to have at least one)
  • Infinite Perkpoints (you need to have at least one)
  • Visuals
  • 3D Box ESP
  • 2D Radar
  • 2D Radar Zoom & Transparency
  • Name ESP
  • Distance ESP
  • Healthbar
  • Trace Line
  • Humanoid Skeleton
  • Teleports
  • FLY (SPACE & Arrow keys)
  • Arrowtravel (Glue yourself to an arrow and travel with it to its destination)
  • Teleport to Mapmarker with NUMPAD '1'
  • MISC
  • No Dragon's Breath
  • Calm Enemies
  • Freeze Enemies
  • Cool watermark
  • Color & Config
  • Save & Load configs with your prefered ESP colors and options toggled on/off
  • [Insert] = Show/Hide the menu

  • In "NoClip-Mode":
    Fly with Arrow-Keys, gain Height with SPACE
  • Using any kind of Visuals while in 'NoClip' will crash the game after some
  • time. Just toggle visuals off before you fly around. Or fly only short distances with it enabled.
  • If you teleport to a Mapmarker while inside a city like end up in nowhere since you load a different "map" when
  • you entered the city. The "Open Citys" mod might fix this. Same with NoClip. You cant just fly out of these cities, you need to leave them the normal way before you can explore the world.
  • Editing Skills/Stats while having additional vampire/werewolf skills will cause problems right now.
  • Arrowtravel can be buggy at times and will set you to the middle of the world (Position 0,0,0). Cant fix this atm. 

How to use:
You need to be in windowmode or use a borderless window.
You need to Inject the DLL with a DLL Injector of your choice.
Im using this one:  Guidedhacking Injector (its included in the RAR file if you download the hack).
But you can use any injector which is capable of injecting into x64 processes.

Here we have Dying Light 2 as an example but it works the same for Skyrim. 

Q&A Section

Q: It says there is trojan malware detected within the files and is flagged as malicious. Why is that? 
A: The process of injecting a dll into another process, or dll injectors per se, are suspect to windows. Many viruses and malware also use this strategy to infiltrate or manipulate other processes undetected. The fact that we are aware of this process and that it is something we want to do to change the game is not important to windows in this context. Of course you are free to use another DLL injector of your choice. 
Unlike many others, the GH DLL Injector is open source. So if you distrust it, you could look at the source code and compile it yourself if you need to.

Q: How to install this mod?
A: I have recorded a tutorial video about this, it is located just above the Q&A section.

Q: Oh noo! The game has updated and now the mod no longer works!
A: Wait for an update or give me a shout in comments and i will update the mod.

Best regards,

Icew0lf (Skyrimhh)