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A remake of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest in the Skyrim Engine.
Adds a new quest (Quest giver in Riverwood's Sleeping Giant Inn)
Adds new worldspace: Transylvania
New gameplay mechanics
NOTE: This mod is meant to be played from a BRAND NEW SAVE. Playing with a leveled or current character may not produce the intended results.

Permissions and credits
Revisit the Transylvanian countryside in this classic remade in the Skyrim Special Edition engine! 

Version 1.3.13 re-adds "What a horrible night to have a curse..." text as well as the "monster dance" track that plays at night.  Somehow these were removed in an earlier version.

Read the PC Gamer article: Click Here!

7 years ago you defeated a great evil and brought Dracula's castle crumbling to the ground. At the end of the battle and unbeknownst to you, a curse was placed upon you that is slowly draining your life.  Now you must travel back to Transylvania to put an end to the curse once and for all, but beware, Dracula's forces have been mysteriously resurrected and are terrorizing the land.  Can you defeat them in time and restore the peace, or will you succumb to the curse and let darkness prevail?

Go to the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood and speak to the "Mysterious Woman" (pictured above).  She will guide you where you need to go.  For best results, do not level up skills or buy any items before starting the mod.

-Download the file and extract it using an app such as winzip.  Once extracted, open the new CV2 folder and you will see a folder called "Data".  Place this folder into the Skyrim Special Edition folder (directory: steam-->steamapps-->common-->skyrim special edition).  Replace any existing files that have the same name when it asks you to.

NOTE: It is very important to begin a new save before attempting to play the mod.  Although playing with a current save game won't cause any serious issues, it may affect gameplay within the mod and other features that were not intended by the author.   This mod contains different leveling mechanics than Skyrim, and starting the quest as a leveled character may make it too easy. Using armors and weapons other than what is provided in the mod will result in leveling up as per normal Skyrim, which is not recommended until a patch can be released preventing this.

This mod conflicts with the original "Castlevania Style Combat Cross" Mod created by xzax. Parts of his mod have been integrated into this work (with his permission). You can find the original here --->

Skyrim Special Edition
skse64 for Skyrim SE is required.  You can find it here ---->

There are no voiceovers contained in this mod.  To see dialogue you MUST enable the subtitle options in the in-game menu.  Pause the game and go to the SYSTEM tab, then SETTINGS, then DISPLAY.  From there, enable "dialogue subtitles" as well as "general subtitles".  If you do not do this, you will not see any dialogue in-game.

A Skyrim font replacement mod (The one I like to use is called "Magic Cards" and can be found here ----> d

This work simply wouldn't be possible without every single one of the people listed below and their contributions.  Send them all the love, views, likes, and SUBSCRIBES that you can!  They have incredible talent and a great passion for the art!  I simply hope that this mod can measure up to the standards of these contributions.

Very special thanks to LaughingMan008 for volunteering his time to test the mod.  It's great individuals like this that make modding possible for us all!

1a. xzax and his amazing COMBAT CROSS mod which can be found here: (at his permission, this mod was incorporated into CV2.  I had no part in the creation of the original Combat Cross mod, I simply implemented it here)

1b. I always meant to implement JZBai's "THROWING WEAPONS LITE" mod but never could figure out how to get it working properly.  Please give this
amazing mod a shot!  You can find it here --->

If you hear a tune that you absolutely LOVE (and you will), these are the amazing artists behind it all!  Visit them and subscribe!
2. Friedrich Habetler Music (Bloody Tears, Simon's Theme Remixes) -
3. Tiny Trashcan - (Last Battle Theme, Within These Castle Walls, Requiem Remixes) -
4. Mike Sparrow Music - (Silence of Daylight Remix Theme):
5. Smackeh - (Message of Darkness Remix Theme):
6. MidiMusicMaker - (Monster Dance Remix Theme):
also find MMM on Soundcloud at:
8a. dnohito - (Dwelling of Doom Remix 1):
8b. Jorge Fuentes - (Dwelling of Doom Remix 2):
9. Silentzorah - (Castlevania 3 Boss Battle Remix):

10. These very special people in the forums that helped in the development of this mod every step of the way:
-Orenjii - creator of the decapitation spell mod found here--->
-Smashballsx88 - contributed the script to pause game time while indoors.  Profile:


Huge thanks to Bisqwit for his website that helped with the original translations.  Nobody would ever understand this game without his help!  You can find it here -->

Also, check out his interesting and informative Youtube channel here -->

This mod is 100% FREE and I will not accept any money or donations for it. This is a one-time labor of love and after this I will probably not have time make mods

All rights reserved by Konami.  This mod is meant for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and is not intended to infringe on any
copyright whatsoever.

-Due to the enemy respawn scripts, if you are in the same cell with an enemy when they respawn they may appear invisible.  They can still attack you and you can still kill them. This usually happens indoors because they are smaller spaces that do not reload when travelling through them.  This can be fixed by leaving the cell and returning later or going inside a load door and then returning to the enemy.
-Day/Night Change: The change from day to night and vice versa happens some time around 6AM and 6PM.  Sometimes you may get a notification of the change more than once during that hour.  This will have no effect on gameplay.
-Sometimes after killing an enemy, hearts will spawn partially beneath the ground or inside a wall and cannot be recovered.
-When you access the world map from inside some towns, it will only show the Skyrim world map.  This happens because some towns in this mod had a weird terrain bug when they were given Transylvania as the parent worldspace which made the game unplayable.
-The big red moon (I believe it's called Masser in Skyrim lore) still appears in the sky sometimes even though I supposedly removed it from the Transylvania climate in the creation kit.  I have no idea why it won't go away.
-There are a few square chunks missing from the Transylvania world map.  This problem stems from creating the worldspace LOD and took me months to get into some kind of acceptable state.
-Marsh water LOD, or lack thereof.  Again, an LOD issue that I simply don't have time to fix.

This mod was tested on a PC using the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card.