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Help return Falskaar to its former glory.

Permissions and credits

Powered by Fort Takeovers Framework, this mod will allow you to rebuild the settlements of Falskaar.

When this project is finished, I want to consolidate all of Rebulding Falskaar into a kind of sequel to Falskaar.
When you finish the main quest line, you will be given the opportunity to systematically reconquer, rebuild, and repopulate Falskaar.
Hopefully this will result in something resembling a fully fleshed out version of Falskaar that is more reminiscent of Skyrim proper.

See the forum topics if you want to provide suggestions for this project

Currently Included

Pinevale: (Requires FTF)
  • Pinehearth Hall with innkeeper Cassandra and her daughter Ulanna
  • Miners Korvald and Fenrich who stay at the inn in their own rooms upstairs
  • Mine Foreman Sildrast who has his own house next to the mine
  • EEC Representative Belavera who has her own house across from the inn
  • 2 Pinevale Guards who simply patrol the town
  • Guards and banners have Pinevale-themed textures
  • The inn and innkeeper are fully functional
  • No dialogue or quests yet (I need to take a break and collect all of the available Falskaar lore)
  • Cassandra/Ulanna/Korvald/Fenrich all have simple schedules
  • I plan on adding journals and lore texts for most characters

For Pinevale to be rebuilt you must clear the town and mine of all bandits.
The next time you return to Pinevale it will be rebuilt.
This can be done at any time.

Pinevale Cloaks: (Requires Pinevale)
  • Pinevale guards have a chance to spawn with 1 of 3 Pinevale cloaks/capes or without a cape.
  • All 3 cloaks are available in the player's chest in Pinehearth Hall.

Exploration Patch: (Does not require FTF, install after finishing Falskaar's main questline)
  • Allows you to return to Borvald, Staalgarde, and the Northern Hold beyond the mountains. This is only for exploration, I haven't touched those
    areas yet.
  • Some gates have been disabled where neccessary and others have been added (Northern Passage).
  • A map marker has been added to the Northern Passage.
  • The rubble and fire in Borvald is disabled, and the original inhabitants are re-enabled.

Future Development

Since there has been some confusion about what this mod will include, here is a basic overview in order of priority:
  • Several settlements will be included in the final version, including: Pinevale, The Docks (Water's Edge), Borvald, Staalgarde, (Ruins of Holmr?), others to be determined
  • As well as many destroyed buildings scattered throughout Falskaar, and the Emerald Valley Gates
  • Staalgarde Hold and the Northern Hold will receive new dungeons
  • Interactions between settlements (and Skyrim)
  • A new main questline (possibly involving the East Empire Company) tying together your efforts to rebuild (I have a basic idea of how this will play out, but it isn't finshed yet and I don't want to spoil it)
  • Two questlines invlolving the bandits and necromancers forming their own guilds (as mentioned in the forum post)

My developement of each settlement will be as follows (roughly, and I will try to release finished settlements in the future):
  • Remove bandits and related objects
  • Add building skeletons and guards
  • Add interiors
  • Add npcs with full schedules
  • Add dialogue for all
  • Add quests for most (when appropriate)
  • Add finishing touches (new lanterns, signs, insects, animals, trees, clutter, etc)

I added this part because there seems to be some doubt that I plan to actually finish this mod. I just want to show that there is a plan in place and since this will take some time to complete (as it is my first large mod with quests/dialogue/custom npcs/etc), I will periodically release playable additions just in case something stops me from completing the project.

How to Contribute
Some people have shown an interest in contributing to this project and I am glad to accept any help that is offered. I have already been contatced by people willing to contribute Falskaar save files as I originally posted, as well as simple object meshes/textures. Other additions I would like help with at some point are as follows (but feel free to message me with others if you have something to share):
  • Falskaar save files. (Covered)
  • Meshes and textures for banners/cloaks/capes and guard's shields/helmet/cuirass. (Pinevale Covered)
  • Artwork for the above textures/meshes. Falskaar lacks any heraldry for Amber/Falskaar/Staalgarde holds. If someone is willing to create crests for each of these (and possibly for the guilds), I would appreciate it. I will be posting a kind of Falskaar Lore Compendium at some point, so look out for that.

Falskaar by AlexanderJVelicky
Fort Takeovers Framework by me

Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice by shadeMe (or similar) for upcoming dialogue

Credits and Thanks
cunningmoss6833 - created the meshes and textures for Pinevale banners/helmet/cuirass/shield/cloaks
Nikinoodles and Nazenn - created Cloaks of Skyrim and the meshes/textures that cunningmoss6833 modified to fit Pinevale

Check out the modpicker page for Rebuilding Falskaar here:

*Feedback welcome