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Reduces the number of leveled animals with customizable spawn chances. No more predators at every turn.

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Adds more realism, interest and challenge to hunting and makes traveling less annoying by decreasing the number of animals. It's done by adding a chance of disabling for each animal on cell loading, the chances are set separately for predators, "prey" and "ambient creatures". Of course it's not how things are supposed to work in this game, just a workaround for maximum compatibility.
This mod only affects leveled NPCs, which means that completely predefined animals (such as wolves near Riverwood) won't be affected. I didn't include them to prevent animals in caves from despawning and minimize mod conflicts. I also excluded interior cells.

Default spawn chances (100% in vanilla):
Predators - 12% (wolves, sabrecats, skeevers, bears, spiders, trolls, etc.)
"Prey" - 45% (deer, goat)
"Ambient creatures" -  20% (fox, rabbit)
I also changed the ratio between foxes and rabbits from 3:2 to 1:5.
The small chance is justified by a really lot of spawn points in the world. You can customize the chances with the optional MCM or via xEdit.

There are two versions of the mod: with and without a MCM. The MCM allows you to change the spawn chances (but they can be changed even in the No MCM version via global variables). The MCM settings are shared by all saved games if you have PapyrusUtil installed, but it's not required.


Only because of possible conflicts in the leveled list with foxes and rabbits, place the plugin before all mods that add new animals (including Animallica), letting them to ovewrite it if necessary.
Compatible with Requiem, place True Hunter after Requiem.
As for the main part of the mod, i know no mods that affect the same records. It's compatible with unleveling mods, SkyTEST, Wild World, Animallica, Animals are not Monsters, No Predators on roads, Dynamic Animal Variants, Predator Animals Randomized Spawning.

It doesn't edit every spawn point but affects all at once by changing their "base", so it is compatible with everything that adds, moves or removes them.

It only affects vanilla animal types so you need a patch if you want it to work with mods that don't use vanilla leveled lists to spawn their animals.


for the MCM version - SkyUI
PapyrusUtil if you want the MCM settings to be shared by all saved games