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Reduces the number of leveled animals with customizable spawn chances. No more predators at every turn.

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How it works?

This mod adds a big (customizable) chance to disable an animal on cell loading with a simple script.

Current spawn chances (100% in vanilla):
Predators - 12% (wolves, sabrecats, skeevers, bears, spiders, trolls, etc.)
"Prey" - 45% (deer, goat)
"Ambient creatures" -  20% (fox, rabbit)
Also changed the ratio between foxes and rabbits from 3:2 to 1:5 (I'm talking about them together as they are in single leveled list).

A small chance is justified by a really lot of spawn points in the world. In any case, you can customize the chances with the optional MCM or via xEdit.

It affects only leveled NPCs. "Leveled" means that the animal will be selected from a some list (a leveled list) of specific NPCs randomly, using the player level as a parameter (for example, a wolf at level 1 and a bear at level 10). When you load a cell first time, the spawn point will select and spawn an animal. It mens that completely predefined animals, such as wolves near Riverwood, will not be affected. It also means that even if you set the chance to 0%, you will still find unaffected animals. This was done to prevent the animals despawning in caves and prevent most of possible mod conflicts.


I don't know mods that affect the same entries. Let me know if you find some ones. It's compatible with Requiem, unleveling mods, SkyTEST, Wild World, Animallica, Animals are not Monsters, No Predators on roads, Dynamic Animal Variants and a lot of others.

!! Only because of possible conflicts in the leveled list with foxes and rabbits, place .esp before all mods that add new animals (including Animallica).

Let me clarify that this does not affect every spawn point, but all at once, changing their "base", so it is compatible with everything that moves or removes them.

But it only edits vanilla animal types and for mods that add new animals to non-vanilla leveled lists you need a patch.


This mod requires USSEP.
For the MCM you also need SkyUI.

Install with your mod manager.
Click "Track" at the top of the page to start tracking mod updates.


To change the chances without the MCM, there is three global variables:
SpawnChancePredator -predators (wolf, bear, sabrecat, skeever, spider, troll, etc...);
SpawnChancePrey - "prey" (deer, elk, goat);
SpawnChanceAmbientCreatures - "ambient creatures" (fox, rabbit).
They are attached as script properties, you can add more globals if you need.