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Amethyst Hollows is a large residential estate that exists in a dreamworld with interactive features such as a functional shooting range and dynamically switchable scenery, as well as player-clone re-skinnable mannequins.

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Amethyst Hollows is a large residential estate that exists in a dreamworld which can only be accessed by consuming a hallucinogenic potion called Amethyst Torpor.

Amethyst Hollows contains interactive features such as a functional shooting range and dynamically switchable scenery, as well as player-clone re-skinnable mannequins.

Full back-story text as seen in-game in Raefik's Journal: Read Here.


- - Dynamic selectable scenery: Change the indoor scenery of the main living area with a push of a button.
- Shooting range: Functional moving target dummies that track your score depending on body part hit as well as distance (Rewards Gold, Silver or Bronze trophy and achievement).
- Personalized mannequins: Re-skinnable mannequins allow you to change the appearance to an exact clone of your character.
- Proprietary furniture: Redesigned crafting stations, Weapon displays, Bookshelves, Jewel box displays.
- Auto-storage: Storage closet with organized bins, and conveniently located access points for easy item management.
- NPC service personnel: Bartender, bard, chef, housekeeping, merchants.
- Dining area: Restaurant style lounge where you will be waited on and served.
- Sunset Wharf: Outdoor beach with permanent sunset view (Vampire-friendly sunlight, Follower-relax-friendly idle points).


- Skyrim Special Edition


- Install or Uninstall using any Mod Manager


-How do I find the place?

You should receive the quest objective as soon as you start the mod. The location is inside a waterfall in Darkwater River just below Nilheim (directly across from the Darkwater Pass exit). You must complete the initial quest in order to qualify for ownership.

- Does this mod work with followers?

Yes. This mod will allow any number of followers to come into the dreamworld with you. It was designed to be used with follower mods that allow them to relax and roam about.

- I play as a Vampire, Is this home safe?

The exterior and interior sunset is artificial. In this dreamworld, it does not act as a real sun would. I have set the sun damage output of the unique weather system at 0%, so it should be totally safe for vampires. If you are using a mod such as Belua Sanguinare, you can deactivate the temple shrines by speaking with Raefik about upgrading the home (you may need to speak with him more than once for it to appear in the dialogue).

You may still receive notifications (and verbal complaints from Serana) about weakness in daylight while in the Sunset Wharf docks during in-game day time, but the artificial sun actually does no damage and you will not incur any negative magic effects.

- How does the Auto-storage system work?

First head over to the kitchen and open the storage closet. Read the book "Hoarding Addiction and Recovery" to gain a new power "Raefik's Denial". The power will let you access the auto storage system from anywhere in the world.

Once you place an item (any item) into any of the containers marked "Auto-Storage" the item will be automatically sent into its appropriate container. For example if you drop a sword into the Leather bin, it will be sorted into the Weapons bin automatically. This is a one-way transfer (you will not be able to retrieve it from the same menu once its been dropped), you will have to retrieve it manually from the weapon bin. This system is not meant to be used as an on-the-fly auto-sort-and-retrieval, it is mainly for those of us who have hoarding OCD and need a quick and easy way to dump loot into storage containers.

You can optionally use the pull-chain located on the right hand wall of the storage closet to turn the auto storage system on/off.

*Note: if an item does not have the proper keyword, or it was created with an incorrect filing in the CK, the item will be sent to the Miscellaneous container instead.

- How does the Amethyst Beacon and map work?

Place the beacon in any exterior or interior by dropping it from your inventory. the place where you are standing when you drop the beacon will be marked and an option to travel to it will now appear on the map in the Palace. You can pick up the beacon and drop it in a new place if you want to change the travel location.

- It's too dark and/or lights are flickering on/off

This mod was designed with Realistic Lighting in mind, and it's lighting effects are designed to match those. It was also designed with no ENB installed, so installing an ENB mod may cause some unexpecting lighting results. But more importantly, as a whole, the palace interior is already very resource-intensive, so lower end graphics cards may have a hard time keeping up.

- It's too expensive. I can't afford the cost of the palace.

It is actually possible to get the house legitimately for free (quest-related).


- There is a large transparent white square that appears over the Hollows wharf area at around 12 midnight (skyrim game-time), and lasts for a few seconds. This is actually part of the game's built in physical Sun, but unfortunately I am unable to suppress it entirely.

- It may actually be possible to have your Mannequin clone show up at Temple of Mara as a wedding guest. Hilarious, but harmless. The mannequin will eventually make its way back to the Hollows, but if you do not want to wait for it, you can disable that mannequin and then create a new one in its place. You will not lose any of the armor it was wearing.

- If you are using the Change pose feature for mannequins with Pinup Poser installed, the mannequin will be "alive" and blink or even turn its head to look at you while holding the pose. Some may find this disturbingly creepy, I personally think it's cute LOL. In any case, you can always revert back to Statue mode by selecting Reset Position, but its pose will be reset to the default standing pose.


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