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Skyrim unarmed combat lacks a punch as it is.
Adds a new alteration perk, Magefist.
Perk tree mod compatible version doesn't add the perk.

Adds 5 - 10 - 25 - 40 - 60 unarmed damage with alteration armor spells.

Permissions and credits
Normal version:

New perk at alteration level 20, called Magefist.

Adds to unarmed:
- 5 damage with Oakflesh active,
- 10 damage with Stoneflesh active,
- 25 damage with Ironflesh active,
- 40 damage with Ebonyflesh active,
- 60 damage with Dragonhide active.


Perk tree mod compatible version:

No new perk, just adds the damage to armor spells.
If you use the mod, you'd probably take the perk anyway.