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A simple fix for the Wearable Lanterns MCM display bug.

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Basically just a fix for the Wearable Lanterns MCM display bug.

I made it by following a video on YouTube ( made by Dirty Weasel Media - all credit goes to him for the fix, I just followed the video and did the things :)

Just put it in after Wearable Lanterns.

It doesn't have a plugin, just some translation files and a SKSE DLL that I transplanted from the Skyrim LE version (as the video instructed).

A further recommendation by Dirty Weasel Media from his comments on the video below: -

"For those who returning after the newest updates to Skyrim.exe and SKSE64. You will get the "Warning Message" as seen at 3:32, this because SKSE has changed.

The solution is to delete your existing .json files in Wearable_Lanterns_4.0.3_Fixed\SKSE\Plugins\WearableLanternsData. Then run the game fresh, this will generate new files which can then be dragged back into Wearable Lanterns from the Overwrite as seen in the video." - Dirty Weasel Media