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A small mod, offering improved visuals for each of the Alteration school's five armor spells.

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What it Does

Skyrim's Alteration school provides five separate armor spells - Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Ironflesh, Ebonyflesh, and Dragonhide.  Despite a reasonable assumption that these spells are meant to transmute your flesh into something sturdier than human skin, each spell instead shares the same visual - a boring and vaguely magical glowing outline, which could easily be mistaken for any of a hundred other magical effects.

Armored Flesh changes the visual effect for these spells, making each visually distinct.  Oakflesh will see your skin transmuted into wood, Dragonhide will give you thick red scales, etc.

Further, while the original effect encases the caster's entire body in a thin light, Armored Flesh takes the spell names literally - you're meant to be altering your flesh, not your shirt, and so the effect seamlessly interacts with clothing and armor - applying itself to any exposed skin, but leaving equipment unchanged.

I've included screenshots of each spell, with and without equipment, for easy comparison.  These are taken with no additional visual mods installed, and your own results may better or worsen depending on your ENB installation, and so on.  "Skyrim 2020" shots, with ENB etc., to follow at some point, should my mod build ever be completed.

Compatibility and Load Order

No one can test every combination of every mod release, or predict all of the strange quirks that may appear on a given system and load order.  That said, Armored Flesh should be broadly compatible, as the changes are only visual in nature.  Armored Flesh updates the following records from Skyrim.esm:
  • ArmorFFSelf0
  • ArmorFFSelf25
  • ArmorFFSelf50
  • ArmorFFSelf75
  • ArmorFFSelf100
  • MagicArmorOakFleshFXS
  • MagicArmorStoneFleshFXS
  • MagicArmorIronFleshFXS
  • MagicArmorEbonyFleshFXS
  • MagicArmorDragonFleshFXS

So long as a mod does not also attempt to alter those records, it and Armored Flesh should work together flawlessly.  If you have a mod that does, you'll likely need to load armorFlesh.esp after said mod in order to get the new visual effect.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Installation and Notes

I recommend installing via the fantastic Mod Organizer 2 - simply download the file with MO2, and allow it to handle the installation from there.

If you are a philistine, you can also install the mod manually by placing the extracted files into your Skyrim SE's Data directory.

For most of you, that will be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data".  Remember to activate the esp before launching the game.

This plugin has been fully cleaned via SSE Edit, and comes as an ESL-flagged ESP, allowing the plugin to adhere to your load order, but without counting towards the plugin limit.

The BSA was packed using the highly recommended Cathedral Assets Optimizer, with each texture using BC7 to ensure minimum VRAM impact.


To uninstall, simply delete the mod from MO2, or delete "armorFlesh.esp" and "armorFlesh - Textures.bsa" from your \Skyrim Special Edition\Data directory.

As the mod runs entirely script-free, and makes only visual changes, uninstalling mid-game should be perfectly safe, provided you ensure that you are loading a save where neither you, nor any visible NPC, are currently affected by one of the Alteration armor spells.

If you attempt to uninstall while you, or a visible NPC, are currently affected by one of the Alteration armor spells, I'm 99.9% sure that the game will still fail gracefully, back to the original Skyrim SE shaders - but the best practice is probably not to chance it.


Permissions are wide open - you can do with this mod, and its files, however you see fit.  You are clear to edit, port, or even re-upload the mod to other locations, with zero requirement to seek my permission, credit me, or even inform me.  However, while I will never require it, I do appreciate being informed when the mod is being used in another project, or loaded to another location, simply to see how others are making use of it.  If you are ever in doubt, feel free to ask.  I do come and go from Skyrim, so if you have not received a response from me in what you believe to be a timely manner, please proceed as though I have given you my blessing.

Donation Points

This mod has been opted into Nexus donation points.  All donation points accrued from unique download traffic on this mod are being allocated to the Wildlife Conservation Society.  You can view the allocation percentage here.