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Macho Man Randy Savage has come to SSE in the grand and glorious form of the most noble and majestic creature in all of Tamriel, the dragon.

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Ok so basically i was like "why the fuck isn't this masterpiece on SSE" and i decided to figure out how to get this mod into my skyrim, mainly as a reason to do the main questline.

This mod makes the dragons into Randy Savage from Macho Dragons by FancyPantz, the greatest modder of our time. These dragons also have some epic voice lines that complete the experience.

(disclaimer-this basically took nothing to port, and this is more here to show that it works on sse)

All you gotta do is extract the data folder and copy it into your main skyrim directory, which usually looks like this
"This PC/OS/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition"

why would you ever uninstall this?
uninstallation would take manual deletion of the files.
If people actually care, i'll figure out how to make this into a proper .esp or .bsa or whatever the fuck that can just be installed and uninstalled with NMM/MO2 

All credits go to FancyPantz for the amazing mod
Original meshes and textures - Bethesda
This Guide for showing how incredibly easy it is to port mods from Oldrim