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Facegen generated with Humans Mer and Beastfolk - The Cathedral Concept for use with various mods.

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General Info and Introduction

On this page you will find premade facegen made for use with Humans Mer and Beastfolk - The Cathedral Concept. I think it is the most realistic NPC overhaul made this far and is perfect if your looking to make your Skyrim gritty yet look like a current gen title. 

HMB requires you to generate facegen for any mods that modify NPCs or add new ones which can be quite time consuming. Save yourself the hassle and just download it from here!

All of my facegen files include 1k tintmasks with BC7 compression. I dont offer any other sizes or uncompressed versions as I think 1k BC7 is the best balance of appearance/performance.  I generated all of these patches for the mods that I myself use. In total I covered 41 mods, but I have not gotten permission to upload all of them (yet). As I am granted permission I will upload more.

I dont really have a whole lot of free time these days so I cant really take requests to make more, but if there is a mod you think needs facegen you are welcome to ask, just know I may not have time to do it! There will likely be more mods show up on this page as I am waiting for permission to come in to post some of them.

I recommend packing the facegen data of mods with a ton of NPCs into BSAs using Cathedral Asset Optimizer. I will put a short guide on how to do this later in the description. 

Important Information!

The load order is extremely important with these patches, you must install and load the facegen in the same order as the original mods. EG, If you are using OBIS and Skyrim Revamped Enemy Overhaul and your load order is OBIS-Sky Revamped, then you should install the OBIS patch first followed by the Sky Revamped patch. If you get the order wrong your going to get the blackface bug so make sure it matches your load order!

In order to minimize the chance of random black face bugs, I generated facegen for every single NPC each mod touched in anyway. This means that many of these patches will contain facegen for vanilla Skyrim NPCs even if it didnt technically alter their appearance.  These may not be necessary, but I prefer to play it safe.  If you are using more than one of my patches you will very likely see conflicts due to this, just make sure they are installed/loaded in same way as your load order.

These patches involve a LOT of loose files, so I do not recommend installing manually, please use a mod manager and preferably a modern one like Vortex or Mod Organizer 2. You will have a awful time trying to do this manually! Doing it with Nexus Mod manager is gonna be rough too!

I did not create any of the assets used in these facegens, all credit goes to the original authors and the wonderful Cathedral Concept team who were nice enough to provide these meshes and facetints to us all! All I did was load this stuff in creation kit and press Control +F4!

I believe Nexus does not require permissions to release newly generated facegen files but I have contacted those who did not have open permissions to let them know what I have done. Most authors were kind enough to give permission and their blessings. I do not own and did not create any of the face designs of these patches, all I did was regenerate the facegen with the new tints and meshes created by the Cathedral Concept team. The credits for the assets used will be located later in the description.

If you are an author whose mod is featured here and I have done something against your wishes, please let me know and I will correct the error or take the patch down.

This page features patches for the following mods from the following authors. Please give your endorsements, kudos, love, donations, cookies etc to the original authors! They did all the work and all of these face designs belong to them! 

A lot of incredible mods by the amazing Arthmoor

Credits for Humans Mer and Beastfolk - The Cathedral Concept assets used in these facegen patches

The following authors have contributed with their mods below. Consider that modifications have been made and HMB does not necessarily reflect the authors' original works. Please download, endorse, donate, or leave comments of support to the following authors for their contributions to Skyrim modding and The Cathedral Concept.





Scars and Makeup


Thank you to JonnyWang13laeris and all of the community who contribute to the Cathedral Concept series for making Humans, Mer and Beastfolk and all the other wonderful mods they do.
Extra special thanks to laeris for her advice and help with credits!

Short guide to packing the new Facegen (and other things!) into BSAs (even easier version thanks to Gka1)

  1. Download and install Cathedral Assets Optimizer (praise be to Gka1
  2. Make a new folder(somewhere other than your SKYRIM DATA FOLDER)  for the mod you want to pack into BSAs, for example if you want to pack OBIS into a new BSA, make a folder called OBIS HMB.
  3. Manually download (or take the zip file out of your mod manager) the mod you want to pack and extract all its contents to the folder you just made (eg, OBIS HMB).
  4. Now manually download my facegen patch for the mod you want to patch (e.g my OBIS facegen) and extract the meshes and textures folders to the new folder (e.g, OBIS HMB) telling it to overwrite any files it conflicts with. If everything is correct the meshes and textures folders should be in the same place as the .esp and BSAs of the mod.
  5. Now run Cathedral Assets Optimizer, check the BSA option as well as Extract BSA, Create BSA, Split Assets, and pack existing loose asset options. Click open directory and select the new mod folder (eg, OBIS HMB). Click run. It will take some time so go get a drink or something!
  6. The asset optimizer will pack everything into BSAs for you automatically overwriting the old facegen. Easy huh!? Once its done zip up the folder and install it with your mod manager. Congrats you now have a BSA packed HMB compatible  version of your mod! You should use this new HMB compatible version instead the original one.
  7.  If the mod is larger than 2.2GB (as OBIS will be with the new facegen) it will make a dummy plugin to load the extra bsas (eg OBIS1.esp). You should tell LOOT to load this esp after the original or manually position it to be directly below the original. (eg. OBIS1.esp must load after OBIS.esp). You can(and should!) flag the dummy plugins as ESLs so they dont count towards your 255 plugin limit.