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Better Container Controls for SkyUI 3.0

by CDCooley

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
SkyUI 5.2 SE (or later)


Do you get annoyed by the quantity prompt or wish you could put all
of your ingredients away with a single command?

Better Container Controls for SkyUI adds a few new features to the
SkyUI 5.2 container menu.



The Use/Activate control (E key or A gamepad button) will now always
display the Quantity Prompt menu (unless there's only one of the
currently selected item). To move exactly one of an item with no prompt
use the Attack/RightEquip control (left mouse button or RT gamepad
button) and to move all of a particular item with no prompt use the
Block/LeftEquip control (right mouse button or LT gamepad button).
You can change which function each button performs or turn off this
feature entirely using the bcc_config.txt file.

The Ready control (R key or X gamepad button) is now active on every
container view and will be either the default Take All or Take Most,
Give Most, or Store Most depending on which container view is active.

The Take All feature from the original game only works for containers
when you are looking at the category with all items now. It becomes
Take Most or Store Most in the other container views and Take Most or
Give Most when trading items with your followers.

Why Most instead of All? You wouldn't want a Give All option when
talking to your follower because you will want to keep the clothes
and armor you're wearing, your equipped weapons, items you've marked
as favorites, your keys, lockpicks, gold, etc. And you probably don't
want to take everything in the follower's inventory either.

Keys aren't transferred by "Most" unless you're looking at just keys.
Gold, lockpicks, items with names that begin with a space or the
center dot () character, and any other items you choose by name in
the bcc_config.txt file will also never be transferred automatically.
You can also choose whether soul gems should be transferred in the
configuration file.

The "Most" feature also only transfers items shown in the current
view, so if you're looking at books only books will be transferred
or if you've searched for Ingot then only the ingots showing will
be moved.

The "Most" feature works by simulating you choosing each item in
the current view. If there are very many items in the container or
your inventory the process can be slow. (I don't recommend going to
qasmoke and trying it on the All Weapons container, etc.) If you get
tired of waiting or something seems to be going wrong simply close
the container menu.



None so far.



To set your own options simply rename the bcc_config_example.txt file
to bcc_config.txt, place it in the Data\Interface folder and edit it
with any text editor.

There are instructions and example entries included showing you how
to change the core settings, translate the new button labels to
your own language, and create a list of items which shouldn't be
moved automatically by the "Most" feature.



Your mod manager will take care of this if you use one. Otherwise
just copy the BSA and ESL file into the game's Data folder and
activate the ESL file. This uses the new ESL instead of an ESP because
it's an extremly small mod. You may need to activate the ESL using
the game's own mod management features if your mod manager of choice
doesn't support ESL files yet.

You'll need to manually install and edit the configuration file even
if you use a mod manager. That's so that any updates to this mod won't
overwrite the configuration changes you make.



This injects code into SkyUI's container menu using a technique I
learned from Schlangster.

Charles Cooley
[email protected]
cdcooley on the NexusMods and Bethesda forums