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About this mod

This is a port of The Evil Dead Mod with permission from the original author:

"Hey I know its a big ask but would you be up for porting my Evil Dead mod to SSE. I had someone doing it but they failed to port it."

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish

This mod adds a small worldspace and a short quest based on the Evil Dead movies/mythology.
To start the mod go through the portal located on a hill slightly Northwest of Falkreath (Has a map marker).


Skyrim latest update, Dawnguard

Installation/Starting the mod

For best results use a manual install (If you do use NMM when asked to replace files choose yes to everything)

1. Download the mod

2. Unpack the archive (Winrar or 7Zip will do this)
3. Copy and paste everything to the ....Skyrim/Data/ directory

4. Make Sure Skyrim.esm, Update.esm and Dawnguard.esm come before MWEvilDead.esp in your load order

5. Run Skyrim Launcher

6. Click on Data files

7. Activate MWEvilDead.esp by clicking on it (a tick will appear in the checkbox)

8. Run Skyrim 

9. Go through the portal (slightly Northwest of Falkreath. (Has a map marker)

Update V1.1

Added proper world, object and tree LOD
Stopped combat between player horse and enemies
Added more clutter to Landscape.
Added Chainsaw weapon (Can now be found in the cabin)
Added Bruce Campbell one liners when bosses are defeated

To enable grass open SkyrimPrefs.ini (located in ...Data\Skyrim directory) Find [Grass] and add bAllowLoadGrass=1 below it.
Navmeshed by hand
Cleaned with TESVEdit


Creature models:       
Vicn Creature pack resource -

Demon Wings:           
Alduin wings -

Acey195's Dwemer Autoblade -

Voice Acting

Harriot: Lexi Sandberg (Jabberwocky727)

Male Deadites: A.J Carter Casting Call Club

Female Deadites: Lexi Sandberg (Jabberwocky727)

Inkeeper: Tavian Casting Call Club

Kandarian Demon Prince: Fishingnet90

Elder Tanis: Jimmy Sherwood Twitter (@Jimmy_Sherwood)

Elder Zanith: Fishingnet90

High Elder Corvin: Jimmy Sherwood Twitter (@Jimmy_Sherwood)