Skyrim Special Edition
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Randomizes Item lists, enemies, and enchantments. Adds chaos mode. Mod is considered Unstable

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Chu's Skyrim Randomizer

Alternate Start Mod
!Not Required but Very Heavily Encouraged! 

SSE Engine fixes (with memory manager enabled to prevent infinite loading)
Placing "bAlwaysActive=1" in skyrim.ini to alt tab while the script is running.
Do you enjoy playing a functional game? Does it bother you that loot isn't more randomized? Do you want your game to crash more? Well, then this mod is for you.
This mod was inspired by Zelda randomizers & chaos mods. This mod functions to randomize Skyrim in 4 ways:
Items: Randomizes some (but not all) loot drops in the game, you never know what you might find!
Leveled NPCs: Randomizes most enemies & city guards. Bandits will spawn where draugr should be, Falmer in the place of guards, etc. 
Enchantments: Randomizes the power level and duration of enchantments
Chaos mode: Alters the game around you, will change spawned NPC, and other world objects.
The mod functions completely off of in-game scripting. Furthermore, Randomizations will not 'bleed' between saves, this means when you randomize a save, your other playthroughs will not be affected!

Q & A
Q: How do I initiate randomization?
A: Begin a new game. Within the Alt Start cell should be a dwemer button. Press this to be taken through the process.
Q: Is it possible to complete the game with everything randomized?
A: I am not actually sure, I have played the first ~1hr-ish with everything randomized and it functioned at a base level. So... Maybe?
Q: Why do you joke about this mod being unstable?
A: I cannot stress this enough, but this mod is very very unstable. It often causes CTD or infinite loading screens. While I have not had it corrupt or crash a save entirely, the possibility lingers. 
Q: How does it work? Why does it take so long to randomize items?
A: This mod exploits the existence of leveled lists. Altering the appearance of each item in each list. Papyrus is an inefficient programming language, placing calls to leveled lists and formlists often delay the script. 

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