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Adds 6 outfits to farm clothes leveled lists and 2 outfits to fine clothes lists

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In my effort to add more variety to the common clothes in Skyrim one mod I haven't used much is common clothes. The main reason being is there is no good bodyslide with physics for it for UUNP. Also the mod overall doesn't have many outfits overall as majority are either recolors or just mix and match of a couple pieces.

What this mod does:

Takes 6 outfits and adds them to farm clothes leveled lists, adds 2 outfits to fine clothes leveled list. And lastly adds a couple outfits to bandit leveled lists.

These will show up on MALE only. I linked all the female variants back to the vanilla record. So no matter what body or vanilla replacer you may have if the game picks one of these outfits for a female it will show up as the vanilla variant.

This lets this be compatible with any body type and any replacer.

I also made a patch to combine my Apachii Divine Elegance Integration Mod  this will give you tons of variety in farm and fine clothes. Patch available on the Divine Elegance Integration mod page.

Textures are 2K

Thank you FranklinZunge for giving open permissions on Common Clothes