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Ever wanted to play as a badass old orc? Well now you can! Introducing Balgerund - A Racemenu Preset, now in your nearest Nexus mods today!

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Balgerund - A Racemenu Preset

So my fiancé is one of those people who can play the same character without fail through each and every Elder Scrolls game,
so here is Balgerund - his aging and (soon to be balding) orc warrior!

Balgerund is not of my own creation - he's the property of HomieShipSteve, my fiancé.
I just uploaded him as a request! :) 

If you like him, don't forget to endorse!



"...Many years ago, on the 11th of Sun’s Height, a strong Orc family gave birth to a child by the name of Balgerund. Fresh out of the womb and already kicking and screaming, everyone in the village knew that this young Orc would be a fierce warrior. The birth, however, took a toll on the mother, who died later that evening..." HomieShipSteve

So here we are, here's Balgerund for your travels! I'd really love to see screenshots of him!


To use, all you have to do is download with your mod manager of choice, or if you're masochistic enough - download manually by extracting to your data folder located at ...\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data. 

Once you've done this, load up Racemenu and go to the presets tab -  press F9 to load a preset and voila!


Now the only hard requirement is Racemenu (and it's requirements) as that is what you'll need to load and use presets. 

However, to get Balgerund to look the same as in the screenshots you'll need:

KS Hairdos and Salt and Wind - Rough Hair for KS Hairdos SE  
Skysight Skins
Darling Eye Replacer

The old guy wears Steel Plate Armour, fashioned with a Grey Hide Cloak (from Cloaks of Skyrim) and the Thresher's Maul from Immersive Weapons, if you're wondering.

Lastly, the ENB I use is Mythical ENB for Mythical Ages.