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REQUIRES all three official DLC and also my Mysterious Workshop mod to be installed ABOVE this one in your load order. Adds another room to the workshop that has 171 soil plots for you to plant crops via the Hearthfires greenhouse/garden system. Combined with the Mysterious Workshop you now have all the crafting tools you'll ever need.

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Mysterious Greenhouse
This mod requires the main Skyrim game and official updatepatch, as well as all of the official DLC (Dragonborn, Hearthfires, and Dawnguard).  Also requires my MysteriousWorkshop mod (found at Steam OR on Nexus at to be installed FIRST and placed above this Mysterious Greenhouse in the data file load order when launching the game. Any texture or environmental mods should go BELOW this one.  Like the Mysterious Workshop mod, this one should be compatible withjust about every other mod out there.  If you find any definite conflicts, please let me know.  The reason I am making these two separate mods, is because to grow your own plants you need the Hearthfires DLC in particular… but the workshop tools can still be available to people who don’t have the DLC.  Combining them would makeit inconvenient for those who don’t have and don’t want the DLC expansion

The Mysterious Greenhouse adds a spacious greenhouse to your Mysterious Workshop. Includes 171 individual soil plots for planting crops of
your choice.  A few of the planters are for single plants, some are for 2 plants side by side, and the ones in the east and west rooms can hold 3 plants each.  Greenhouse is accessible from either of the two new doors at the corners of the Mysterious Workshop building.  DO NOT attmept to use the COC console code "COC aaaMysteriousGreenhouse" to go there or you'll be sent somewhere... strange... the garden gnome shed!  If you read the note near Anise’s cabin you’ll notice something in thereabout gnomes.  Well, this console code will put you in the side room where the gnomes stay.  They tend the garden.  Please do not mess with the gnomes, they are not just there for show!  They are an integral part of the script that makes your plants grow in the greenhouse!  Once you discover it, you can still fast-travel to the front door of the Mysterious Workshop and go around to the side door to enter the greenhouse. 

As always, the building is located just a few steps northwest from Anise’s cabin… from Riverwood you want to cross the river, turn left, and follow the riverbank to the west for a while, off the main roads just run through the grass until yousee Anise’s little cabin.  You will probably find a bear wandering around near the front door so be careful as you approach.  If you have not yet found Anise’s cabin,stand in front of the Warrior Stone on the road down from Helgen to Riverwood (where you escaped execution and ran from the dragon at the beginning of the game).  If you look through the hole in the middle of the Warrior Stone, you should see the workshop building in the little forest across the river.

Be advised:  the greenhouse room is set to have items and containers RESPAWN, since this is necessary for the plants to actually grow over time.  So if you have any items you want to store SAFELY, put them in the workshop room instead of the greenhouse.  That is why I did not put any storage in the greenhouse.

There is a KNOWN BUG:  sometimes a new set of doors will spawn that covers the entrances to the WORKSHOP room when using this mod.  To get into the Workshop, just OPEN those outer doors and then click in the middle to open the actual doors that lead to the Workshop.  You'll see it when the text changes from "Open Door" to "Mysterious Workshop".

According to this is a list of all the plants you can potentially grow in your greenhouse:
Food crops:  cabbage, carrot, gourd, leek, potato, wheat;
Mushrooms:  bleeding crown, blisterwort, fly amanita,glowing mushroom, imp stool, mora tapinella, Namira’s rot, white cap, scaly
Flowers:  blue mountain flower, red mountain flower,purple mountain flower, lavender, nightshade, deathbell, dragon’s tongue;
Fruits:  Jazbay grapes, juniper berries, snowberries
Others:  canis root, creep cluster, giant lichen,grass pod, swamp fungal pod, thistle branch*, tundra cotton*.  (Remember the Thistle and Tundra Cotton alchemyingredient effects are modded by the Mysterious Workshop!)