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A simple idea blossoms into a complete rework of Encounter Zones and Leveled Actors.

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This mod will be difficult, and will expect you to play Skyrim like Morrowind of old. Some locations will simply be too hard to overcome at low levels, and you'll have to learn when to come back later.

What are Encounter Zones?

Encounter Zones are what control the leveling of everything within a given location in Skyrim. Encounter Zones may have a "Minimum" and "Maximum" level, which will restrict everything inside of it within that range.

The problem with this, however, was that Bethesda heavily leashed these encounter zones. About 75% of all encounter zones in Skyrim are locked at a minimum less than 20. About 70% of THOSE encounter zones are less than a minimum of level 10! That leaves a lot of room for easy, blowover enemies and loot alike, to the point where most of the dungeons you run across won't yield you anything worthy.

In fact, the highest minimum encounter zone in vanilla Skyrim is Forelhost, with a whopping level 24 minimum!

24? Really? We can reach that level in about 5 hours of gameplay! Does Bethesda really think 5 hours is the amount of time required to traverse the most dangerous Nordic Crypt in the game?


This mod drastically increases the Encounter Zone minimum and maximum of all zones in Skyrim, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn.

That means more powerful enemies, more often, and better chances at the good loot!

No more iron sword-wielding fiends left and right! I want to get my head crushed by Daedric Battleaxes!


This mod also increases the FLeveledActorMult in the GameSettings to further enhance the actors spawning in Skyrim. This gamesetting controls the leveling of the actors pulled from leveled lists across all of Skyrim. (Not just inside Encounter Zones!)

The vanilla Skyrim settings offered a rather easy climb, tapering gently from EASY actors to VERY HARD actors (Bosses). EASY actors would be chosen by "< 33% of the player's level, from the associated leveled list."

This means that if the player is LEVEL 10, the actor chosen in the leveled list will be from LEVEL 3 and down.


Encounter Zones Rebalanced will add a much harsher starting point for leveled actors. EASY actors will be chosen by "< 90% of the Player's level, from the associated leveled list."

This means that if the player is LEVEL 10, the actor chosen in the leveled list will be from LEVEL 9 and down.


FLeveledActorMultEasy - 0.33 -> 0.9
FLeveledActorMultMedium - 0.67 -> 1.1
FLeveledActorMultHard - 1.0 -> 1.25
FLeveledActorMultVeryHard -1.25 -> 1.5

Encounter Zones are 90% higher level or more across the board.

Quest sensitive locations from Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn are cranked up further, usually around a minimum level of 32 and up, instead of 6.
Boss locations such as Castle Karstaag are at a minimum of 60!


Invasion of Skyrim - Grand Admiral Thrawn

Rebalanced Leveled Lists
Rebalanced Encounter Zones
The Chiss
The Cracking City - Ayleid Player base
Gradually Restorative Potions