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Recycle weapons, armors, misc metallic items, and glass. Craftable alchemical ingredients, lockpicks, and more!

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Useful Scrapping - Immersive Clutter Recycling

Are you suppressing your innate hoarding nature because the world clutter is so useless, with your hoarder-voice screaming in your ear?
Come on now dinner plate, why are you so worthless to me?!  You're uselessness is a mockery to all the Divines!

Well, worry no more my fellow hoarders. This mod gives some of that useless crap some well-deserved purpose, allowing you to blissfully hoard till you have more tat than you know what to do with; as it should be.*
I won't be adding in Dragonbone scrapping, and if I do it would be into bone meal, or maybe another material; feedback would be nice :D

The mod has an A version, and a B version.
The A version is the standard version, with vanilla Skyrim perk requirements.
The B version has no perk requirements.  Use this verison of you do not want perk requirements, or if you have mods that modify the Smithing perk tree.

Clic aquí para la versión en español por v1.2a - Gracias a amiga chefes por traducir!

All weapons and armors will breakdown the same amount, the only difference is its material yield.
Battle Axe-  4 smelt
Dagger-  1 smelt
Greatsword-  4 smelt
Mace-  3 smelt
Sword-  2 smelt
War Axe-  2 smelt
War Hammer-  4 smelt

Leather & Hide armors-  8 leather straps
Leather & Hide boots, gauntlets, helmets-  4 leather straps

Metallic armors-  4 smelt
Metallic boots, gauntlets, helmets-  2 smelt

Metallic items are recycled in the Smelter, which will yield a smelt ore chunk.  Smelt can then be refined into normal ingots.
Leather and hide items are broken down at the tanning rack.
Glass items are melted down at the smelter.

Food Recipes:

Grilled Leeks     (seriously, how was this not already in the game...)

Smithing Recipes:
1 steel ingots can make 10 lockpicks*
Jagged Circlet**   (a jagged crown copy)

* requires the Advanced Smithing and to become a full member of the Thieve's Guild
** requires Skyforge smithing and Dragonbone smithing perk

Alchemical Ingredients:
Added the following alchemical recipes and ingredients

Grinder Mill
3 human skulls-  one bone meal
1 troll skull-  one bone meal
1 mammoth tusk-  one powdered mammoth tusk

Cooking Pot
one skeever pelt + one salt pile- two charred skeever hide

All clams in the world now have a chance to drop a pearl      (seriously, how was this not already in the game...)

Smelter Recycling:
Below is the list of items recycleable in the smelter, sorted by material type

2 corundum smelt will refine into 1 corundum ingot

5 normal utensils-  1 corundum smelt
Flagons, tankards, and plates-  1 corundum smelt
Lanterns- 1 corundum smelt

Dwarven Metal
3 dwarven smelt will refine into 1 dwarven metal ingot

Dwemer weapons and armors

3 dwemer utensils-  1 dwarven smelt
Dwarven bowls-  1 dwarven smelt*

* requires the Dwarven Smithing perk

2 ebony smelt will refine into 1 ebony ingot

Ebony weapons and armors yield ebony smelt
5 Draugr enblaming tools-  1 ebony ingot
Deathhound collar-  1 ebony smelt

10 inkwells-  1 glazing glass
5 empty skooma bottles-  1 glazing glass
3 wine bottle-  1 glazing glass

2 gold smelt will refine into 1 gold ingot

Statue of Dibella-  2 gold smelt*

* requires the Advanced Smithing perk

1 iron smelt will refine into 1 iron ingot

Iron weapons, iron armors, banded armors
Small cast iron cooking pot-  3 iron smelt
Large cast-iron cooking pot-  6 iron smelt
Large kettle- 10 iron smelt

3 malachite smelt will refine into 1 malachite ingot

Glass weapons and armors will yield malachite smelt

3 moonstone smelt will refine into 1 moonstone ingot

Elven weapons and armors yield moonstone smelt

3 orichalcum smelt will refile into 1 orichalcum ingot

Orcish armors and weapons

5 silver smelt will refine into 1 silver ingot

Silver plates, goblets, and bowls-  1 silver smelt*
Silver platters, candlesticks, and jugs-  2 silver smelt*
Silver Sword-  1 silver smelt**
Silver Greatsword-  2 silver smelt**

* requires the Steel Smithing perk
** requires the Advanced Smithing perk

Stahlrim recycles directly into stahlrim chunks, since it's not mined from ore.

* requires Ebony Smithing perk, and Stahlrim smithing

2 steel smelt will refine into 1 steel ingot

Steel weapons, steel armors, and steel plate armors
Companion's Wolf armor
Imperial amor
Blacksmithing tongs, hammers, and wood saws-  1 steel smelt

3 quicksilver smelt will refine into 1 quicksilver ingot

Blades armor

** If I miss anything please feel free to comment and I will be sure to add it **

Able to smelt cast iron cooking pots, including the kettle, into iron.
Silver tableware can be smelted into silver.

Added common table flatware
Added crafting tools

Adjusted smelt yields and smelt-to-ingot ratios; based on item weight and general metallic composition
Added dwemer table flatware
Added non magical, non-DLC weapons; left bows out and Daedric. Bows will be added later, and I want to come up with something special for Daedric

Added alchemical recipes
Added glass recycling
Fixed a few material yield and amount errors

Added base game armors
Added a few misc recipes

Fixed a few recipe bugs and omitted recipes
Adjusted vanilla dwarven scrap yeilds to more properly match their actual weight


Perkless version
Fixed perk requirement for silver smelting
Fixed recipe for Deathhound collar smelting
**v1.3a & v1.3b will be out soon with the above fixes and more~

Added Blades and Stahlrim armor scraping
Added lanterns and Dibella scraping.

In the Works for Future Versions.
Recycle flatwear, forks and knives.
Deconstruct armor; figure out what to do with leather armor.
Compatibility patch for Ordinator

Con't to expand dwemer scrapping
Con't to expand Misc scrapping
Add in DLC armor, weapons, and clutter
Compatibility patch for Immersive Armors
Add in a few cooking recipes, TBD
Tweak other crafting recipes, TBD
Smithing perks to increase scrapping yields, TBD
Recycle wooden items into either firewood or charcoal, TBD

[size=6]As always, Feedback is always appreciated and please Endorse!

* Cats Not Included.  Arisaka is not responsible for any personal injury, properly damage, or death due to excessive risk factors of hoarding.