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About this mod

This mod allows the Hearthfire adoptable children to gradually grow up from a child, to a
teenager, and to an adult.

Permissions and credits
Hearthfire Children Grow Up

This mod was made to be a companion mod to Growing Up in Skyrim by MimiTheAlchemist. That mod is not a requirement, but I highly recommend it since it works so well with this mod. 

Looking for the Oldrim version? Click here.

What does this mod do?
This mod allows the hearthfire adoptable children to gradually grow up from a child, to a teenager, and to an adult. The children you can adopt after their parents' death are not included.

  • It takes 12 levels for a child to grow to a teenager.
  • On the the 13th level, the child becomes a teenager.
  • Children that are covered by this mod are Lucia, Sofia,
Alesan, Blaise, Runa Fair-Shield, Samuel, Francois Beaufort, and Hroar.
  • If you want to them to grow up, there is a dialog option after
you adopt them. Tell them "Can we talk for a minute?". Then say "I want you to grow
up and follow your dreams."
  • Children can also receive training from you to be a mage, a warrior, or 
a thief when they grow up.
  •  After you finish talking to them about growing up, another
dialog will appear about starting their training.
  •  If you adopt children at different levels, your children will grow up at their own rate. 
  •  If you decide you don't want them to grow up any more, just
tell them "Can we talk for a minute?" and say "I love you just the way you are."
This will stop their growth quest. 

  • It takes 12 levels for a teenager to grow to an adult.
  • On the 24th level since you first started their growth quest,
they will become an adult.
  •  Teenagers can be recruited as followers, so they can go on 
adventures with you.
  •  Teenagers that were trained as a child, will now equip the
appropriate clothes/armor for what they were trained in.
  • Trained teenagers will also have their class and combat style
changed to what type they were trained as. For example: If you trained
your child as a warrior, they will equip heavy armor, a sword, and
a shield and fight like a warrior when they are teenagers.   

  •  Adult is the last stage of growth covered in this mod.
  •  If you recruited your teenager as your follower, you will have
to re-recruit them when they become adults.
  •  All of your teenager's belongings are transferred when they
become adults, so you don't have to worry about losing any special 
gear you gave them.
  •  Adults may not equip their gear right away. If they don't equip
their gear, you will have to take it from them and give it back to them.
  •  I have planned more things for the adults in the future.


Thanks to the SKSE team for all their work making the script extender
Thanks to MimiTheAlchemist for the Growing up in Skyrim mod.
Thanks to everyone who tested my mods.

Potential Mod Conflicts:
This mod will conflict with Alternate Actors or any mod that
makes many changes to the player's level.


Q:  Is it okay to port this mod to SSE?
A:  You may port this mod if you want to, but please give me credit
for the original mod and link back to this page. 

Q: Will you ever get to the children that you can adopt when their parents die?
A: Not in the immediate future. There are 15 extra children I would have to write
scripts for, and I'm afraid that would make the mod too script-heavy and may cause lag.

Q:  Will this mod work with RS children/Simple Children/insertchildreplacerhere?
A:  Yes. It should work with any of them.  I made this mod based on the RS Children
mod. So their teenager & adult counterparts may not match the skin/hair color in a
different mod.

Q: Help the teenagers look weird.
A: The teenagers are a new race based on the original human races.they are just scaled down. So if the teenagers in your game look weird or don't have underwear. It's because of the meshes and textures you are using in your game. 

Q: Will you make this mod work with your elven and beast children mod?
A: I'm working on it right now. It may take a while because that mod adds 12 children.