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Complete re-imagination of Classes for Skyrim. Develop your character via a class system that let's you decide which skill sets to use, abilities to gain, and how to specialize as your character advances.

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Class Overhaul RImagined

A complete overhaul and re-imagination of classes. Develop your character through a "series" of classes, further specializing as you go. The options available depend upon how you play and develop your character. If you want to be the evilest of dark Paladins... play as one and the appropriate powers will become available. Rather adventure as a Bard buffing your allies and debuffing your enemies... so be it.

What's New in 5.0
  • You can advance as a "Purist" - become a Legendary level Warrior without choosing additional classes/specializations. [More options]
  • Change paths - Become an Acolyte and then decide to take the path of Thief. [Less linear]
  • The skill requirement system has been adjusted from 3-5-6 (Archetype-Class-Specialization) to 3-4-5. [Less restrictive]
  • Removed "Combat Hit" abilities as they can conflict with other mods that add these. [More compatible]

Due to the nature of the update from 4.xx to 5.0, you can NOT update mid-game. 5.0 was built from scratch: the changes I wanted to make (based on feedback and my own vision) would have been too much for an update of the existing structure.

How does this work [simplified version]
Note: The numbers below can be customized in the MCM. Both Character Level and Skill Levels can be tweaked. The numbers listed below are recommended for the SkyRem Guide setup. If you play Vanilla (or Vanilla+), balance can be achieved by increasing most of the levels (the 5.0.0 version defaults).
  • Start a game and play.
  • At level choose your Archetype (and its associated Bonus). [Novice]
  • Play some more.
  • At level 10 advance your Archetype (or choose a new one). [Apprentice]
  • Play some more.
  • At level 20 advance your Archetype, or to a more specialized Class. [Adept]
  • Play some more.
  • At level 30 advance your Archetype or Class further. [Expert]
  • Play some more.
  • At level 45 advance your Archetype, Class, or Specialize your Class. [Master]
  • Play some more.
  • At level 60 advance your Archetype, Class, or Specialization to its full glory. [Legendary]

The choices you make through this process determines the options you have down the road... and in some cases what abilities/powers you gain.

What about the non-simplified version?

The above is pretty much it, but there are a few more details.

At level 5, you gain a Power to choose one of the basic Archetypes (Warrior, Mage, Thief). No more explanation needed here. However, you must play as that Archetype to have it available. No restrictions beyond this: reach Level 15 in three relevant Skills in the same category (combat, magic, stealth) to be eligible. 

Once you have selected your Archetype, you gain another Power that allows you to choose your Novice ability for that Archetype.

At level 10, your Archetype can advance to Apprentice, provided you have advanced three relevant Skills to 30. You can also choose a new path (one of the other Archetypes). As you advance, your bonuses/powers/abilities will scale.

At level 20, you can again advance your Apprentice Archetype to Adept once you have advanced your three skills to 45, or you can choose a relevant Adept Class. The classes available are based on your Archetype and the skills you develop. To advance to a Class, you must focus on four skills reaching 45. There is some overlap here, so you can start with one Archetype and "cross over" to another in a manner of speaking. For example, a Battlemage may start as a Warrior that turns to magic, or a Mage that turns to physical combat.

At level 30 and the appropriate number of skills reaching 60, you can advance to an Expert Archetype or Expert Class

At level 45, choose to advance to Master Archetype, Master Class, or choose to a Master Specializations based on your current class, and having expanded your skill requirement to five instead of four. Skills now require level 75.

Finally, at level 60 and the appropriate number of skills at 90, choose to advance to Legendary Archetype, Legendary Class, or Legendary Specialization.

Regardless of your choices, you can only advance six times. While you can choose multiple Archetypes (become a simple Warrior-Mage) or Classes (a Nomadic Battlemage), doing so will eliminate the possibility of specializing later.

Some endpoints can be achieved via different pathways, but will have variations in their abilities. A Mystic that started as a Mage will have higher level abilities from the Mage path, whereas starting as a Thief to become a Mystic will yield more stronger stealth bonuses.

A few additional notes:
  • Which skills you choose to develop are irrelevant, only the number of skills in each category.
  • Some ability options have requirements. You can not choose Archer as a Weapon Specialty if you have not developed Archery for example.






Some abilities are covered briefly above. Here is a more comprehensive list.

Novice Abilities

Apprentice Abilities

Adept Abilities

Class Specific Abilities
In addition to all of the above, some Classes have abilities with options, either at the time you select the ability, or upon use... or based on other circumstances.

Known "Issues"
  • Some ability effects will not show specifics on the spell/item card until equipped/selected. 

To Do:
  • Tweak/improve visuals and sounds - these are by far not my forte.
  • Continue testing for Balance.

As with my other SkyRem mods, one of my goals is to ensure maximum compatibility.
Divine Amulets:
  • A keyword has been added to the Divine Amulets. This is a simple patch fix if you have mod(s) that affect the Armor record for these.

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