Skyrim Special Edition
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A simple SKSE plugin that changes ash pile names, to reflect who they belong to.

Plus customise your every own ash pile names with the included INI file!

Permissions and credits


SSE 1.539 - future SSE updates OR VR 1.4.15
meh321's Address Library for SKSE Plugins


  • 1.0 - initial release
  • 2.0 - support for VR and Asian languages, added 5 name templates to be assigned to ashpiles at random
  • 2.1 - support for 1.5.80, fixed bug with missing libraries for 1.5.62
  • 3.0 - now uses CommonLib and meh's Address Library, support for infinite name templates, fixed some bugs


If you ever disintegrated 20 corpses on top of each other and got confused trying to find out the ash pile you needed, this is for you. This SKSE plugin changes all ash pile names (vanilla and modded) to include who it belonged to. 

Ash piles are assigned a name from 5 default name templates picked at random. 

And if you don't like the default names, change it to whatever you want in the included ini. file (po3_namedashpiles.ini). You can even add as many extra name templates as you want.


Compatible with everything, except for mods that change ash pile names. Install normally with a mod manager. Uninstall this at anytime.


  • ryan (SniffleMan) for CommonLib
  • meh321 for Address Library
  • Expired for INI file access
  • SimpleINI for INI code