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Changes the naming system of tempered equipment to a numerical system. (Fine), (Superior), (Exquisite), etc., becomes (+1), (+2), (+3), and so on. Port of the original mod by LazyDreamer.

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This is a very simple mod that replaces the default upgrade names with a number-based system. As you probably know, the default levels for tempered items are Fine, Superior, Exquisite, Flawless, Epic, and Legendary. Frankly, they're quite arbitrary and not necessarily easy to remember, so they've been replaced with numbers. After all, anyone can understand that 3 is greater than 2. This also simply makes things easier to read at a glance and de-clutters your inventory.

Fine -> +1
Superior -> +2
Exquisite -> +3
Flawless -> +4
Epic -> +5
Legendary -> +6

Compatible with Loot and Degradation!


This is a port of Numerical Smithing Upgrades by LazyDreamer. I am not the original author and can't really provide support or fulfill any requests, but I have tested the mod and everything is working as intended. I will leave the Comments section open regardless.
The mod has been re-saved in the SSE CK to Form 44 and has been converted to be an ESP-FE / ESPLite / ESP flagged as an ESL.