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The legendary Red Eagle should not look like a random draugr. This mod gives him a new unique look, and makes him a bigger challenge.

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I saw some people on reddit discussing Red Eagle, so decided to throw this together. 

- Gives Red Eagle a makeover. Now he actually looks like a heartless forsworn warrior, instead of some random draugr.
- Gives Red Eagle some new stats, resistances and perks,  as well as a more aggressive combat style, to make him more challenging.
- Gives Red Eagle's tomb a few new forsworn-themed decorations.


I recommend waiting until level 10-20 before trying to fight him. Depends on your build/combat mods/equipment of course.

What about the sword?

New in version 2 for SE: New unique model for Red Eagle's Fury and Red Eagle's Bane added.

What about the quest?

I didn't edit the quest, you can play it as you normally would.

This is a port of the Classic Version:

SE runs like shit on my crappy laptop, so I've only done a quick test of the SE version. Everything seems to work ok, but you can post a comment if anything weird happens. Screenshots are from classic, sword might look a bit different in SE. You can access my testing room by writing "coc 0redtest" in the console.