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Super lightweight mod that smoothly animates opening doors, lock-picking, looting, pressing buttons and using catapults and traps. Inspired by games like the Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption. Fast and non intrusive

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This little mod smoothly animates opening doors, lock-picking, looting, pressing buttons and using catapults and traps. It is designed to be fast and non intrusive. Yes I know there are other great mods that do similar things out there already but my version is pretty different.

So why use this version?

  • The animations in this version are extremely fast. You can move around or crouch while looting so it is extremely non intrusive. It doesn't slow down the flow of game-play or get in the way at all. It feels like it should.  
  • This version is super lightweight. It uses minimal scripting and an ESL file that adds 3 records and does not affect load order.
  • No extra bells and whistles, no MCM, no choices. It is meant to feel good out of the box and give the best of both worlds. The immersion of animated actions with the speed and fluidity of vanilla game play
  • This mod ignores certain conditions by design, like being in first person and weapons being drawn. The downside is there is no options to change this currently, but the logic is that there is no interruption to the flow of game play for sheathing weapons or changing camera views

If you want more immersion and more bells and whistles, I highly recommend the amazing and well known mod Animations by Genebriss its an excellent mod that does way more than I set out to do here, and I still use it for certain animations.

I initially made this as a personal mod. I wanted things like looting and door opening to be animated, but since you do them so much they needed to be fast and not remove control from the player. It is polished enough for a release and I thought people might enjoy it. I will likely not be adding more to this mod as I am semi-retired from modding, and if you want something much more robust there are many other great choices. Never the less if any major bugs pop up I'll try to fix em. Otherwise hope you guys enjoy it.

Requires FNIS so make sure you install and run it first. 

some game-play video demonstrated during my initial beta testing. All the bugs in the video have been fixed and animations are even faster and smoother (to be clear the drinking animations are from my eating and drinking mod not this mod, I just use them both and it happened to be in my testing)

I am looking for an animator to make a single paired animation for me for another project. If you are an animator or know someone who is and would like to collaborate on a cool idea requiring a single animation, please consider reaching out.