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Unlock the secret of dwarven prototype, build your own animated fully flying jetpack with sounds and lights.
Go to Aetherium forge and make yourself a one of a kind jetpack!

Permissions and credits
First and foremost I wanted to make a fun jetpack flying mod, but also I wanted to feel it was a reward and that I'd earned it.
Also being a stickler for immersion I thought who better than the Dwemer would know how to make a jetpack, I mean they made aetherial ships that seems pretty advanced to me> anyway back on topic...

The dwarven jetpack uses the flying system from real flying but instead of a potion to gain flight you just need to equip the jetpack and off you go...
This also means unequiping the jetpack will lead t you taking fall damage again.
I used the mesh for dwemer back pack 4 and heavily modified it using nifskope

There is no quest to get the jetpack, that being said you will need to complete lost to the ages in order to make it.

The jetpack moves!

You will need to go to Kagrenzel to acquire one of the components necessary and another piece is in Shimmermist cave, though that one is quite a bit harder to find, and I'll let you do the finding.
Visiting the museum in Markarth will provide you some in game lore and context.

I've also added a component list inside the aetherium forge, so you can see what items you still need if you haven't got them all there with you, kind of like a shopping list if you were.

To start to fly jump then jump again in mid air, then use the sprint hotkey to rise, you cannot go backwards, you cannot use melle or range but you can use spells added by items using the shout key for casting, like the shoulder cannon and wrist darts in the predator mod for example!
This is compatible with a controller witht the following mod too:

this mod is incompatible with real flying as it's itself a version of real flying. also that means it's incompatible  with anything real flying is too.

FNIS......which means you need regen your animation files
Skyrim exe 1.5.39
            or    1.5.62
              or  1.5.73

So first thing is first, real flying is the best flying mod we have, that being said it has a few bugs, being that this mod is just a heavily modified version of real flying 
a good rule of thumb is don't fly too high and break a quest like going to see partysnax.
secondly don't fly into water, you can get a tad stuck
occasionally you will t pose for a second but it's rare
if you load a save with a character wearing the jetpack, sometimes the jetpack has moved off your body, just unequip and reaquip it, it's fine, it's because it's animated.


Anton0028 for making the real flying mod possible and granting permission to use his work
and to dearfl for porting it to SSE in the first place and contined updates for SKSE64 dll files
mahty for making the gorgeous animated dwarven backpacks and granting me permission to use his assets