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SKSE plugin to integrate bHaptics Tactsuit with SkyrimVR. Many different haptic effects on Vest, Arms and Face including feedback from enemy melee, magic, ranged, shout hits, player melee attack, spell casting, shouting, word of power and dragon soul absorption, rain, swimming, heartbeat, healing effects.
Feel Skyrim VR with bHaptics Tactsuit

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This mod communicates with Tactsuit when certain events are detected in SkyrimVR to give you haptic feedback.
It supports Tactot(Haptic Vest for Torso), Tactosy(Haptic Sleeve for Arms) and Tactal(Haptic Face Cushion for HMD)

These are the currently implemented haptic effects:

When player is attacked: (These feedback files are applied to the angle they came from)
  • Melee weapon attack effect. Different weapon types give different haptic feedback (Fist,Axe,Dagger,sword,mace...)
  • Left and Right slash for melee weapon attack is recognized and the appropriate effect is played.
  • Melee power attack effect.(No difference for different weapon types at this time)
  • Melee bash attack effect.
  • Player blocked hit effect with shield or weapon.
  • Ranged weapon attack effect.  
  • Magic attack effect. Different type of spells cause different haptic feedback.
  • Shout attack effect.
  • Bite attack effect.
  • Default attack from traps or environmental hazards/explosions etc.

When player attacks:
  • Player shout effect(Regardless of it hits anything, runs just before the actual shout)
  • Player spell casting effect on the appropriate arm. This features different feedback effects for different spell types (fire, ice, shock, alteration, conjuration, illusion, light, restoration, ward, other).
  • Player bow pull and hold effect.
  • Player melee hit effect on appropriate arm. It doesn't only work when player attacks another actor. Also works on some objects recognized by the engine.

Other feedback effects:
  • Word of Power Wall effect(Right before learning the Word of Power, a unique effect is played in loop, and it increases intensity when player is closer to the word)
  • Dragon Soul Absorb effect(After you kill a dragon, when you are absorbing the soul, a unique effect is played)
  • Heartbeat and Fast Heartbeat effects(For when player health is below 20% and 10%)
  • Rain effect on vest, arms and face
  • Potion drinking and healing spell effect on vest.
  • Swimming is recognized (When player is inside the water) and swimming effect is played on vest.

  • Skyrim VR Tools Put skyrimvrtools.dll to Data\SKSE\Plugins\
  • bHaptics Tactsuit. Make sure bHapticsPlayer is running and the devices are connected.
  • Make sure SkyrimVR isn't blocked through firewall. bHaptics sdk uses websocket to connect to bHaptics Player.


Here is the address for Consumer Shop of bHaptics:


This mod uses .tact files which can be designed easily in bHaptics Designer. You can also modify these feedback files that come with the mod. Tact files are in SKSE\Plugins\bHaptics.

Tact files are named by the effect they are assigned to. For example "Bite_1.tact" file is run when a creature bites the player. You can add another feedback file for this effect by making a Bite_2.tact or Bite_Hard.tact file and putting it in SKSE\Plugins\bHaptics directory. As long as the file starts with "Bite_" it will be recognized and when the time comes for the effect to be run, one of the files will be selected randomly.

Tact files that start with "Magic", "Melee", "Ranged", "Shout" etc. are for attacks agains the player.
Tact files that start with "Player" are for attacks from the player. For example, "PlayerShout", "PlayerAttack", "PlayerSpell" etc.

Player arm effects come with both left and right effect files like "PlayerSpellFireLeft_1.tact" and "PlayerSpellFireRight_1.tact".
Some melee effects against player comes with left and right slash like "MeleeAxe_1.tact" and "MeleeAxeLeft_1.tact".

I encourage you to make and share your tact files to help other people enjoy them too.


The mod also comes with an ini file.(SKSE\Plugins\tactsuit_vr_plugin.ini).

You can set various settings there, like sleep durations between feedbacks, left handed mode support, logging, ignored spells, and also intensity of all haptics feedbacks. 

By setting the intensity, users won't need to open the feedback designer every time they need to increase/decrease intensity.

There are comments in the ini file to help you.


I encourage you to give me any ideas to expand this mod. Don't hold back. This was the extend of what I could think would be good and possible for SkyrimVR. I'm sure with your feedbacks, we can make it even better.